FALLING SKIES: Watch The First 3 Minutes Of The Season 2 Premiere Here!


The first three minutes of the Falling Skies Season 2 premiere are now available to watch ahead of this summer’s premiere — and we’ve got it for you below the jump, along with a new behind-the-scenes look at the second season.

The new season picks up right where we left off with Tom walking into the mother ship for a talk about human nature, harnesses, and the overlords endgame. And then..

..Time-jump, 3 months later. Aside from a slicker, more confident, ‘look and feel’ to the show itself, the most noticeable thing in those first three minutes is the 2nd Mass functioning as a far more cohesive and organized unit. It seems they’ve learned quite a bit about how the Skitters and Mechs operate, and are clearly holding their own. Is Weaver responsible for this level of cohesiveness or have others made significant contributions in that regard?

Ben catches the eye with his thirst for killing Skitters, though it did cross my mind that perhaps he didn’t want that last one to die in pain, deciding instead to put it out of its misery. It could actually be a bit of both. He’s clearly still affected by the harness.

All in all, those 3 minutes whizzed by, which means it did something right. As a marker for the new chapter it certainly makes a positive impression. The true test will be whether the show can improve on some of the weaker elements of the first season and use the serial format and ensemble to its advantage.

If the opening season was largely world-building, Season 2 will hopefully deepen the characters and progress the story in some interesting directions. There’s a lot to play with and (it seems) a lot for Fallies to be excited about.

BONUS: Here’s a new behind-the-scenes look at the making of Season 2:


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