FALLING SKIES: More Spine-Tingling Details On Alien ‘Zombie’ Contraption

Drew Roy who plays Hal Mason on the Steven Spielberg-produced Falling Skies, has revealed some new information on the spine-tingling alien device (illustrated above) known as the Harness.

We already know from the promos that the invading aliens are rather fond of this Harness-contraption, which they use to control the kids they abduct – including Hal’s brother, Ben. Speaking to Mix 96.1, Roy revealed another intriguing aspect to the Harness:

“it’s this very creepy looking thing, it fuses to the spine and puts them in this zombie-like state. The aliens [control them] so they’re using them as slave labor, we think. We’re not really sure what they’re doing but when you take [the Harness off the children] it kills them, so we have this predicament.”

So the Harness kills the kids if the humans try to remove it – that’s an additional element that could prove interesting.

Falling Skies hopes to harness your attention, June 19th on TNT

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