FALLING SKIES Season 3 Title Gets Icy Reveal, New Aliens and Evil Hal Insights


The second season of Falling Skies may not have been to everyone’s satisfaction, but it sure ended on a big cliffhanger involving the introduction of new aliens, the like of which Weaver and his exposition have never seen before.

Given that the Overlords were using their mega-weapon to prevent the new aliens (“Newlians”?)  from arriving on Earth, are they some kind of Intergalactic Alien League, protecting the galaxy from Overlord oppression? Or could they represent another antagonistic force to be reckoned with? There’s definitely a connection between them but as far as humans are concerned, are they friend or foe? EW went to showrunner Remi Aubuchon for some clues:

“One of the things that I hope the fans will see is that of course this is an alien that doesn’t look anything like the aliens we’ve been confronted with since the beginning of the series. And in fact there’s a certain benign-ness. It’s uncertain as to whether or not he’s friendly or unfriendly, but the one thing that we can definitely determine is he kind of looks a little like us in a way. His eyes do not seem as shark eye-like as the overlords’ eyes did or even the skitters who have a frightening look to them. So I’m hoping that some of the speculation will be “Wow, this is not only a game changer, this could be a game changer for the good.” And then that begs the question of “is it too good to be true?”.

So, with this intriguing new element thrown into the mix (and the principle Newlian already cast), what comes next?

Well, with production on the new season underway, the title for the Season 3 premiere has been revealed. TNT tweeted the script cover of the episode, written by Aubuchon, revealing the 3.01 title as “On Thin Ice“:

The Season 2 premiere was titled “Worlds Apart,” and we can see how that tied into the plot, so it’s interesting to speculate what “On Thin Ice” could mean.

Perhaps it speaks to the fragile and dangerous nature of the new dynamic that exists between the resistance/humanity and the Overlords, not to mention the Newlians. Maybe it also bears literal significance and someone will take an icy plunge. And let’s not forget that winter is coming, bringing its own unique challenges for the players involved.

The other big plot development in last season’s finale was Karen infecting Hal with a bug parasite similar to the one Red Eye hid in Tom’s good eye at the beginning of the Skitter rebellion arc. The effects on Hal were pretty immediate, sending him into a coma before evoking something of the Dale Coopers in the lad, in one of the finale’s most satisfying moments. Evil Hal? Hal under Karen’s control Hal? What’s the play for Season 3?

While this will likely be a mystery until the show returns in 2013, Drew Roy offered the following by tweet:

“Ohh the things I want to tell you about what we’re shooting in season 3. That eye bug is up to some serious stuff!”

Sounds serious, and exciting.

While Falling Skies‘ second chapter left much to be desired, there are enough intriguing plot elements in play to make the third season something to keep an eye on as production ramps up. Fingers and skitters legs crossed it all comes together.

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