FALLING SKIES Season 3 ‘Earth Rising’ Trailer

falling skies season 3

“When skies fall, Earth will rise.” Following on from the earlier tease, a fully-loaded trailer for the third season of Falling Skies has descended ahead of the TNT June 9 premiere.


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  1. says

    Wait…two years have actually passed on the show? Ugh, time jumps… That’s one of the things that brings this show down–they seem to jump around too much. Hunker down in one firm time-period, please, and then really work on fleshing out the characters whose names don’t end in Mason.

    Regardless of that, it’s looking pretty good!

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    • willg says

      Scott I think when he says two years on this day he is talking about the original alien invasion; which would actually fit because this is the beginning of the third season (or third year).

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  2. scott says

    Can’t wait for the region free DVD’d to come out. I already own season 2. and watched the first on TV when they showed it.

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