FALLING SKIES Season 2 Primer: Ben’s Struggle, Red-Eyed (Spoiler), Season 3 Link


Falling Skies Season 2 lands this Sunday on TNT with the promise of more sci-fi, deeper mythology, new human challenges and an extra helping of aliens. Ahead of the two-hour event, new showrunner Remi Aubuchon and Connor Jessup (Ben Mason) lay out this season’s trajectory and what the potential third season has in store for Earth’s rag-tag resistance.

As teased in the 3-minute sneak peek, the new season brings fresh challenges for Ben, who may be de-harnessed but still feels the hold that the aliens have over him. He told Red Eye:

“He’s afraid of what he’s turning into. He’s afraid of what it’ll mean for him and the people he loves. He’s just afraid, and that fear is manifesting into kind of an excessive anger toward the aliens—kind of an all-consuming rage.”

That said, some of the aliens may actually have Ben’s back — in a positive way. Aubuchon notes the emergence of a red-eyed skitter who seems to go against his Overlords. He tells Xfinity:

“In several of the early episodes, there is a red-eyed skitter who seems to be looking after the safety of Tom and Ben — and may even be going against the plans of the Overlord to keep them alive. Since all skitters look alike, we wanted to make sure you could recognize him.”

He adds:

“We have a skitter that finds himself dangerously too close to the 2nd Mass. The question becomes: What does he want from Tom? The answer is surprising and really complicated.”

As for this season’s central goal, all roads point to Charleston (supposedly a rallying point for freedom fighters), a destination that opens the show’s universe for Season 3. Aubuchon said:

“We do get to Charleston but it is not exactly what we thought it would be, [but that’s a good thing because] it opens up other storytelling for next season and part of this.”

What’s more, fans of LOST will notice a familiar face in the new season — a certain Terry O’Quinn who supposedly plays a key role in events. Aubuchon calls O’Quinn “A big find”:

“Terry O’Quinn is our big find. We have some wonderful guest stars. We have some semi recognizable faces, but we wanted a big, recognizable star to come in and Terry was game for it. He plays a very different character than he has played before.”

Source: Red Eye | Xfinity

Photo: TV Guide

Falling Skies invades, Sunday, June 17 on TNT. Follow all Falling Skies news, articles and reviews.

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