FALLING SKIES: Pope & The Berserkers Clip, Harness Up Poster, Digital Comic & Podcast


More insight into the second season of TNT’s Falling Skies arrives by way of a new clip focusing on Resistance member John Pope. Plus, a new poster asks fans to “Harness Up,” while the show’s universe expands with the release of the first chapter from the ‘Battle of Fitchburg’ digital comic and the official Falling Skies podcast.

The following contains mild plot information for the second season of Falling Skies

We already know that the second season of Falling Skies picks up some three months after Tom’s somewhat willing abduction, with the 2nd Mass having evolved into a slicker fighting unit during that time. TNT has now released a first-look at what John Pope has been up to while Tom’s been explaining human resistance to his bipedal pals — turns out he’s formed his own band of scallywags, providing ample opportunity for conflict within the larger 2nd Mass ensemble. Find out more in the clip below (via MTV Geek):

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TNT has also issued this new poster, using iconic harness imagery to rally fans to “Harness Up” ahead of the Season 2 premiere (via @FallingSkiesTNT):

Falling Skies Season 2 Tease: The Fate of Tom

Meanwhile, the first chapter of the Falling Skies Season 2 digital comic — the Battle of Fitchburg — is now available to read at FallingSkies.com. Check out a sample page below:

In addition, TNT has launched an official Falling Skies podcast. Here’s the synopsis:

In the three months between seasons one and two of Falling Skies, the 2nd Mass has evolved, and a large part of this evolution happened during The Battle of Fitchburg. The Falling Skies digital comic, which launched yesterday, tells the story of this battle where leaders are born and unlikely heroes emerge.

TNT has created the new Falling Skies Podcast that will serve as a companion piece to each chapter of the digital comic from the point of view of renegade leader John Pope (Colin Cunningham). Pope causes a lot of waves during the Battle of Fitchburg and also forms the band of outlaw brothers nicknamed “The Berserkers,” who also star in this seven-episode podcast series. These podcasts tell their side of the story, and the first premieres on Monday.

You can listen in to “Rise of the Berserkers” at FallingSkies.com. The second season premieres June 17 on TNT.

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