FALLING SKIES: Noah Wyle Talks Season 2; Tom’s Return & Flashbacks?


Noah Wyle previews the upcoming second season of TNT’s Falling Skies and provides clues as to the narrative additions to the new chapter and what awaits his character Tom Mason.

Mild Falling Skies Season 2 spoilers may follow!

Speaking to Digital Journal, Wyle outlines how the Season 1 finale pays off in the 2nd season:

“Well, so obviously getting on the friggin spaceship. (laughs) You know, it’s easy to ride and then you suddenly go, ‘Oh my God, what did we just do, and how are we going to do it?’ Aside from that, I’d say we dominated a lot of storytelling last year to the harnesses and the kids and kids in peril and that was a story line that I thought if we paid off pretty significantly and just wanted to move on into other aspects of the technology which I think we were able to do in in Season Two.”

On the differences between the first and second seasons:

We moved the production from Toronto, Canada to Vancouver, so we had all new crew for the most part, we only had two or three people on staff that were there in Season One. Storytelling-wise, I thought we really stepped up the notch by not having to dedicate so much of our screen time to exposition, establishing the world, establishing the characters. It allowed us a little bit more freedom to be creative in flushing out these character arcs and exploring the mythology of the aliens and why they’re here and who they are and how we’d radically misunderstood the situation in Season One.”

Interesting, so the show will play with flashbacks this season? That’s encouraging, as I’m not sure this is a series that can live on verbal exposition over visual storytelling.

Falling Skies Season 2 premieres June 17 on TNT.

Source: Digital Journal

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