Falling Skies: Getting Inside The Minds Of The Aliens

One of my early concerns regarding Steven Spielberg‘s upcoming alien invasion series, Falling Skies, was that we would get one-dimensional aliens. While I’m all for the series telling the story through the eyes of the survivors (in the vein of The Walking Dead), I feel that developing the aliens as characters in their own right would also add something to the series. Protagonists are only as interesting as their antagonists, right?

Clichés aside, while I don’t necessary expect to like the invaders, it would be nice to explore their motivations – particularly since they’re supposed to be ‘intelligent’ beings with the ability to put Earth on lock-down.

Well, it looks like I might get my wish. At the recent Falling Skies TCA press tour, Executive producer/writer Robert Rodat explained that we’d come to learn more about the aliens over time. Head past the jump for the quotables.

EP/Writer Robert Rodat on ‘Falling Skies’ aliens:

“Let me say in general terms we have some secrets, and they excite us. And we anticipate that our knowledge of the aliens will grow on a parallel track with the growth of the characters as well.”

“On a parallel track” – that’s good to know, as it suggests a fairly deep exploration. Although the proof, as always, remains in the pudding.

As for the show’s inevitable parallels with another post-apocalypse survival series, AMC’s The Walking Dead, EP Mark Verheiden said that the similarities were purely coincidental, “we actually started writing these before The Walking Dead was on and actually completed most of production, I think, before they aired,” he said.

via: IGN

Falling Skies arrives June 2011 on TNT.

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