FALLING SKIES Boss Dishes ‘Red Eye’ Mystery


The new Red-Eyed Skitter certainly caught the eye in the Season 2 premiere of Falling Skies. And as the final scene implied, we certainly haven’t seen the last of the enigmatic extraterrestrial.

In the Falling Skies return, Red Eye allowed Tom Mason escape when its orders were seemingly to execute the bearded professor for not agreeing to the Overlord’s awful human prison camp offer.

Later, it’s revealed that Red Eye planted an ET device in Tom’s eye, which then inserts itself into Red Eye’s good eye in the episode’s final scene.

So, what’s the deal with this particular Skitter?

Skies showrunner Remi Aubuchon says Red Eye is an important part of the overarching mythology of the second season — but don’t expect all the answers to come at once. He told TV Line:

“Red-Eye will be a very integral part of the storytelling this season. What his involvement is and who he is will remain a mystery for quite some time, and we’ll never be quite sure of him. But as we saw, he is following [the 2nd Mass] for some reason.”

While Aubuchon promises that “everything will hopefully start to make sense,” he’s a true believer in the gradual unspooling of clues intentionally plotted along the way:

“I’m a science fiction nerd and proud of it. And one of the things that I always love is to be able to go back and see that somehow the writer salted in little things that are clues that end up making some sort of sense. I always hate it when they just drop something on you, so we wanted to make sure that Red-Eye is tracked right from the very start.”

Sounds good to me. Falling Skies continues, Sunday, June 24 on TNT.

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