FALLING SKIES: 3.04 At All Costs – Questions and Answers

falling skies at all costs mysteries

Each week we observe the serial progression of Falling Skies by keeping track of the key answers and ongoing mysteries. Here’s how things stand after Episode 3.04 “At All Costs”.


1. What’s the deal with Hal’s weird dreams and visiting Karen in the woods? The parasite that Karen implanted inside Hal at the end of Season 2 has given them a sort of psychic connection that enables her to control him. (“On Thin Ice”/ “Collateral Damage”)

2. What caused Hal’s paralysis? Fighting back against the parasite, according to Karen. However, it’s revealed that Hal can still walk when Maggie catches him sleepwalking. (“On Thin Ice”/ “Collateral Damage”)

3. What is the purpose of the Overlord super weapons? As Tom and Cochise explain, they create a defensive web that keep the Volm ships from getting through Earth’s atmosphere (explaining why some of the Volm sky dived to Earth in the Season 2 finale). Apparently, destroying another tower will create enough of a gap to let the ships through. (“On Thin Ice”/ “Collateral Damage”)


4. What’s the mole’s central mission? Seems they’re interested in the allies’ Big Gun. (“On Thin Ice”/ “Collateral Damage”)

5. What is the Big Gun? According to Cochise, when complete it will be the decisive factor in ending the conflict. (“On Thin Ice”/ “Collateral Damage”)

6. Who is Catherine Fisher? She’s a First Lieutenant sent on a scouting mission by the surviving president of the USA – Benjamin Hathaway. (“Badlands”)

falling skies alexis alien dna

5. What’s up with Anne’s baby? Alexis Denise Glass-Mason is very advanced for her age – smiling, standing and even speaking. DNA tests confirm that she’s part alien. When Anne tries to take Alexis into hiding she is stopped by an Espheni alliance consisting of a harnessed child, a skitter and Evil Hal. They know all about Alexis and seem ready to take her in. (“At All Costs”)

6. Cochise’s motivation in fighting the Espheni? Having never set foot on his home world, Cochise tells Tom and President Hathaway that he’s fighting so that one day his children’s children may one day return to their home world and gaze upon the flower that blooms there when the weather is warm, the Katarias. (“At All Costs”)

7. Does the Volm’s home world still exist? It would appear so – Cochise hopes that his grandchildren can one day return to a world he’s never seen himself. If it does exist, it’s not clear what condition this world is in. (“At All Costs”)

falling skies evil hal

8. What’s with Hal’s hal-lucinations? They’re not so much hallucinations as the return of his ‘Evil Hal’ persona, who we first and last saw at the end of Season 1. This split persona seems to be influenced/controlled by Karen (courtesy of an alien parasite) in the same way as the dreams/paralysis. (“At All Costs”)


1. Can the Volm be trusted? They’ve allied with the humans in fighting the Espheni, but do they have a hidden agenda? It’s too early to say.

2. Where are the Volm from? A yet to be identified distant planet. Apparently they’ve been chasing the Espheni around the galaxy for hundreds of years trying to liberate planets ‘destroyed’ like their own. Cochise reveals that he’s never set foot on his homeland – like his comrades, he was born on one of the ships that set off from his planet hundreds of years ago.


3. Who is the Espheni mole? They used Volm tech to kill Arthur Manchester – and judging by his reaction, he appeared to be very familiar with this person: “So it’s you?”

4. What does the Big Gun do? It’s presented as a mystery at the end of “On Thin Ice”. Do they plan to use it on the super weapons or the Espheni? Will there be a twist?


5. What do the Espheni have planned for Alexis? She has alien/human DNA and appears to be part of the Espheni’s larger plan, but how will they use her to their advantage?

6. How does Alexis have alien DNA? It’s yet to be confirmed, but Tom was held captive by the Espheni and implanted with an eye worm prior to Alexis’ birth. This could explain her alien/human DNA.

7. Will there be long-term negative consequences of not removing the harness spikes? Volm tech has now made it possible for the deharnessed kids to be ‘normal’ again, but both Ben and his friend decide against having the spikes removed, mostly because it makes them special/needed – will they come to regret that decision?

8. Who tipped the Espheni off about Tom’s meeting with President Hathaway? Most likely the mole. Or Hal (assuming he’s not also the mole), who found out about his dad’s secret mission prior to the Espheni attack on the president’s air base. However, how would have known where his dad had gone? Another possibility is baby Alexis – after all, Anne knew Tom’s secret mission, so perhaps the baby somehow absorbed and relayed that information to the Espheni? And then there’s the curious and otherwise completely random medipac that Lourdes ever so kindly packed for Tom, you know, just in case. Tracking device?

general bressler

9. Will Tom, Pope and General Bressler survive the beechcraft crash? Gut reaction thinks it doesn’t look good for Bressler, but we’ll see!

As it stands: Answers/Mysteries Tracker – 8:9

Episode Rating: 7.3/10 Seriable Stars.

Have any thoughts on the Falling Skies mysteries/answers? Have we missed any? Feel free to let us know in the comments.

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  1. Danny says

    In the preview for next weeks episode, it shows Pope and Tom trying to survive together even though Pope is trying to kill Tom. Going to be an interesting episode.

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  2. skylar says

    Irritating that they don’t ask Cochise direct questions… not that the flower story wasn’t pretty, but we’ve still no explanation of his people’s motivation for continuing a war lasting generations, and since arriving 7 months ago, Cochise hasn’t added much in the way of understanding the Volm or Espheni or if he knows anything about the Skitters and what/who they were before they were harnessed as slaves.

    If the Volm have been traveling the galaxy for generations (occasionally altruistically freedom fighting for other worlds as they fight the Espheni or are we just lucky?) they should know who the Skitters are or vice versa, shouldn’t they? Either the Skitters were enslaved before the Volm home world was attacked or after… so either way.

    With Ben and friend’s refusal to have their “spikes” removed and the time dedicated to this decision, I think we will soon see the full result of what the spikes (harnesses) can actually do to humans.

    The “real” president wanted Cochise, obviously, a set up to do just that. Are they allied with the Espheni in some way?

    Can we get rid of Hal yet?

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