Falling Skies Molon Labe Review

Seriable’s Leslie reviews Falling Skies 2.07 — Molon Labe

Falling Skies really delivered this week with the death of two members of the 2nd Mass and the introduction of a new, much smaller, but in my eyes more terrifying enemy.  This was by far my favorite episode of the season.

The episode picked up where “Homecoming” left off with Ben and Karen heading into the woods.  For the life of me I still cannot figure out why Ben so willingly trusted Karen.  It walks like a duck and talks like a duck, but that ain’t no duck and Ben almost ends up getting goosed.

Karen has of course conned Ben and he finds himself standing face to face with the Overlord.  Things got a little weird when Karen tries to seduce Ben with a harness intended for him.  I wasn’t quite sure if she was coming on to him or trying to scare him.  Lucky for Ben, help arrives and he is saved from whatever it was Karen had planned to do with that harness.  I’m sorry, but that scene came across as kind of creepy to me.

When a gunfight ensues, Tom manages to take direct aim at the Overlord and the Mechs suddenly shut down.  Apparently, they have been programmed to disarm when the Overlord is at risk.  Tom seizes the opportunity and decides to take the Overlord hostage.  The fact that the Mechs shut down in this circumstance tells me that the Overlords themselves are virtually powerless over humans.  They can control those who are harnessed, the Mechs and the Skitters, but they have no control over the human race whatsoever and they also seem to have no way of protecting themselves.  Their ability to control the Skitters now appears to be waning as well since we know that some of them are rebelling.

Falling Skies Molon Labe Review

The decision to bring the Overlord back to the 2nd Mass to interrogate him was one of the most jeopardizing  decisions Tom has ever made.  It put the entire camp at risk of a full on attack but it also had the potential to provide the camp with some much needed answers.

The Overlord of course needs Ben to communicate, but he never really tells us much except that what they want is peace and that once their task is complete, they will move on.  Sure they want peace, what better way to go about achieving peace than to destroy the majority of the human race?

Stretch (my little nickname for the Overlord) insists that his kind will win because humans are too emotional and sentiment will always interfere with our decisions.  He decides to prove his point by paralyzing Ben with pain and Tom begs Stretch to please stop.  He does and mumbles something about sentiment and tick, tick, boom –  Tom shoots him.  Wow!  I really did not see that coming at all but it was great.   I think Tom has reached his breaking point and that we are going to see a much aggressive side of  his character in the coming episodes.

Now lets talk about those nasty little creepy crawlers that attacked the hospital and ate poor Jamil from the inside out.  I’m the first to admit that I am not a fan of spiders or anything else with more than 8 legs so it goes without saying that those Skittertots really freaked me out and when they came pouring out of Jamil’s mouth, It took all of my strength to not turn my head away from the television.

Falling Skies Molon Labe Review

After witnessing what Jamil endured and having to run from the Skittertots herself, Lourdes’ character does a complete 180 and gives up.  The girl who was once the voice of hope, has lost her faith.  Lourdes, Anne and Matt all make it out of their situation unscathed but I don’t imagine Lourdes herself will ever be the same.

Ben decides to leave the 2nd Mass to search for other harnessed kids that can be persuaded to join the rebellion.  After all, they are going to need a leader and Ben seems like the perfect choice.  Connor Jessup does a fantastic job portraying Ben and I find myself enjoying his scenes more and more.  I hope he won’t be gone long because I find him the most compelling of the Mason boys.  While Tom doesn’t want Ben to go, he does what the Overlords claim we as humans can’t do, he reluctantly puts his emotions aside and lets Ben carry on with his quest.

I’m going to be completely honest with you about my feelings for Falling Skies.  When it first aired I was excited about the premise and loved the first couple of episodes.  My interest waned a bit in the middle of the season and I gained a new hope watching the Season One finale.  I liked the show, but I didn’t quite love it yet.

Season 2 got progressively better with each episode. The characters were being developed in a manner that had me finally connecting with a few of them and the plot itself became a little more complex and compelling.  I found myself suddenly wanting to make a commitment to the show and now nearing the end of Season 2, I think I might be falling in love with it.

There won’t be a new episode of Falling Skies this Sunday (July 29), but TNT will be running a Falling Skies marathon beginning at 2pm giving fans the chance to re-watch Season 2 before the story continues August 5.

Now I’m off to the local hardware store to buy some bug spray!!  So long folks!!

 8.5/10 Seriable Stars

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  1. Tim Sanchez says

    This was another tough episode for me; I didn’t want to see Jamil killed off. Granted, it was in a dramatic fashion, but I should know that ancillary characters have a short shelf-life on science fiction shows. I missed it last Sunday, but I used [advertising removed – ed]

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  2. Skylar says

    I was surprised the Overlord didn’t allow Ben and Karen to go off, to use Ben to track down the Skitter rebellion, rather than just attempting to re-harness Ben and get inside his head to find out what he knows… and if Karen hadn’t petted the harness like a chihuahua, maybe the OL would have the info he was looking to Ben for.

    Another question might be… why is Karen so important to the OL that he didn’t just track the 2nd Mass via Karen and bomb them all to dust, Karen included?

    Leslie, this might go back to your pregnancy theory…?

    Also disappointing was Tom’s 2nd encounter with this OL, Karen’s master, in terms of how little information is gleaned about what the aliens want with Earth. Why does the OL avoid the answer to this question? Because if the answer is ultimately something banal, like… we need your resources… then the subterfuge will leave a bad taste.

    I don’t like that Jamil was killed off… another character whose development was cut short… his death might have meant more at a later date. I liked seeing Lourdes interact with someone other than Anne.

    I hope we get to see Ben’s journey and not just the results. Also looking forward to finding out more about Maggie and why she hasn’t been to keen on hooking up with Hal, until recently.

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  3. says

    My guess is that Karen is longer of use to the OL. She was being used because the Overlords believe we are weak when it comes to our emotions and using her to get to the 2nd Mass worked. I don’t believe it would work again though. They will either no longer have a use for her or maybe she is pregnant or they are trying to breed her.

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