FALLING SKIES: 2.06 Homecoming — REVIEW


Seriable’s Leslie reviews Falling Skies 2.06 — “Homecoming”

Hello again folks! First off  I’d like to thank the folks who commented on my last review and would like to encourage all of you to please post your thoughts and opinions on the episode.  I love to hear from you and enjoy hearing the different viewpoints and theories that you have.  So please don’t be shy about commenting!!  :)

This episode raised some interesting questions and very quietly hinted at their answers, at least in my opinion. The first one I’d like to discuss is Weaver and his little bug bite.  While saving the children from being harnessed a couple of episodes back, Weaver is bitten by one of the “slugs” and now it has become infected.  No amount of antibiotics is able to stop this infection and now it has entered into Weaver’s bloodstream and is slowly killing him.  Anne is able to save Weaver through a process which removes his blood, heats it to a temperature that would kill the pathogen and then cooling the blood back down and putting it back into Weaver’s bloodstream.  This idea is plausible enough because it is a procedure that is done on cancer and Aids patients.  The only thing I couldn’t understand is why Weaver was infected by this pathogen but the children who are harnessed are not.  Does it have something to do with the fact that it “bit” Weaver and didn’t attach to him the way is does to the children or does it only emit the pathogens through bites?  I’m leaning more towards the theory that it can only emit the pathogens through a bite.

While we are on the subject of  Weaver and the bite, I couldn’t help but question throughout the whole episode why Weaver would have knowingly let all of the fuel run out when he so desperately wanted to get to Charleston.  When Tom questioned the others about the fuel, he asked them if Weaver knew about the situation and they all replied yes.  Now why would Weaver do this?   My theory is that the pathogen that was in his blood had gone to his brain and was somehow affecting the decisions that he made.  I don’t think Weaver would have let the fuel run out had he been in his right state of mind.  I’m curious as to whether Tom or anyone else will question Weaver’s decision on this in the next episode.  Does anyone else have their own theory on this decision?  If you do, I’d love to hear it.

Now lets talk about Karen and how convenient it was that she was found only a mile away from the hospital and happened to be the only unharnessed child found left alive.  It was obvious to me that she was left there on purpose to be found by the 2nd Mass.   I didn’t trust her return from the get go.  Karen was placed there in order to lure Ben back to the Skitters because of his allegiance with the red-eyed Skitter.  The Skitters realize that without Ben, the 2nd Mass has no way of communicating with the red-eyed Skitter, making a rebellion next to impossible.  I was a little disappointed that Ben gave into her so easily when he was so against her being there in the first place.  I would have preferred to see her use Hal whose feelings for her would of caused him to be more easily swayed.  She could have somehow conned Hal into bringing Ben to get him to go with her, but instead we see Ben do a total 180 and leave with Karen.

There is something else I noticed about Karen’s behavior that was made kind of obvious if you were paying attention.  Karen suddenly had a ravenous appetite and even made mention that she was surprised by how hungry she was all of the time.  Are you ready for this?  I think Karen is pregnant.  You heard me right!  I think Karen is eating so much because she has been impregnated by a Skitter.  She also had a little conversation with Ben where she tells him that her being “paired” with a Skitter was 10 times worse.  Could she have meant “paired” as in forced to have sexual relations with a Skitter?  I think maybe so.

We also see the return of Pope in this episode and he confirms that Karen cannot be trusted. I knew Pope would be back at some point. I only hope that this time he sticks around and continues to help the 2nd Mass.

Last but not least, can I just say how much I love Maggie’s character?   She is one tough cookie and I’ll bet when she whipped those two guns out at Karen that Seriable’s own Roco was in heaven.  :)  She is smart, tough and has the ability to put her personal feelings aside in order to make sound decisions, although she probably shouldn’t have confronted Karen alone.  I really would have liked to have seen her kick Karen’s behind but I’m hoping when they go after Ben, she will get her chance.

Overall, I liked this episode but there was one thing that bothered me like how quickly the pump being used on Weaver was built.  I mean really, Jamil is a mechanic and while he probably could build a pump that would work, I highly doubt he could have done it in the span of a couple of  hours and I don’t think Weaver would have recovered that quickly.  Another reason I liked the episode…..not once did someone mention the term Berserkers!!!

Those are my thoughts for this weeks episode and as I said, please feel free to comment and add your own opinions at the end of the review.  I’ll do my best to respond to all of them.   See you next week!

8/10 Seriable Stars

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  1. Liz says

    Pregnant??? Wow never thought of that – would love to see another hybrid alien baby like in “V” – classic! I am hoping that Ben is onto Karen’s plan/trap and will double-cross her and save the day!

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  2. TRapp73 says

    I think Weaver’s infection shows us y there is no harnessed adults. I feel like it has to do with once u hit a certain age your body produces different hormones and chemicals that can’t co-exist with the harness’ chemicals. So the harness’ chemicals attack the adult humans like a virus would and leads to death.

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    • says

      I like this explanation and it makes perfect sense and I would like to see them explore the explanation for this within the plot.

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  3. Skylar says

    Leslie, yeah, the reintroduction of Karen is rather clumbsy…

    starting with Weaver’s morning vigil wherein he offers the group a foreshadowy argument against being too complacent while Tom, the union man, argues for more time off. I have a hard time getting into this debate since I don’t have a good sense of the group or how they are living… and no matter where they say they are or how long they’ve supposedly been there, it all seems the same to me. But Weaver is soon out of commission with necrotizing harness venom disease and unable to enter an opinion on Karen, so through the tender gullible heart of Hal, in an all too obvious ambush, easily enter the enemy.

    Ben, initially a strident skeptic of Karen’s gift horse, believes he and his Spikey sense can best verify or deny Karen’s story. But Ben becomes so quickly enchanted, it doesn’t add up, even allowing that Ben might be that mixed-up, or that the communion they share as they glow-kiss makes it impossible for Ben to see the painfully obvious. Karen, harnessed or not, has crossed over to the dark side.

    Maggie, who Karen brilliantly psychoanalyzes for us, is not fooled by Karen’s transparency. Maggie pushes people away, we learn, which is what she’s been doing to Hal. Maggie protested Hal’s interest so much, I thought there might be a deeper mystery there, but there seems not. Maggie then proves herself way too smart for the likes of Hal and perhaps the entire 2nd MaSS who allow children to do all of the important stuff, like guard the mind-reading enemy.

    I didn’t catch the clues, but I like the pregnancy theory. What Karen tells Ben is “And you were paired with the Skitters. Imagine 10 times that.” So, if she’s pregnant, I’m thinking a tall Fish-headed alien is responsible. Whether or not that paints a prettier picture.

    I also wondered briefly if they wanted to “breed” Karen and Ben?

    Pope’s reapparence is contrived to deliver. In this case, Paul Revere style, the message that the enemy are coming, like, Now people!. Oh, and of all the gin joints in all the south, imagine meeting you here!

    Lastly, I still didn’t feel the passion between Tom and Anne… but there was progress in the attention to their relationship, reminding us of their lost loves, and trying to show us that love can begin anew… I see it, I just don’t feel it yet.

    Which hearkens back to what I see as puzzling about these characters… they never seem as [insert emotion here] as you’d think they’d be. They’re boldly going to Charleston without much fear of what they might find. Don’t they remember the Sanctuary episode? In fact, Tom trusts that they will find, not just hot showers, but better doctors. If the situation is overwhelming, the characters are underwhelmed, and vice-versa.

    Overall, I enjoyed this episode’s pacing and balance of action and character. I thought the narrative did a better job than usual moving the story forward.

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