FALLING SKIES: 2.05: Love And Other Acts Of Courage — REVIEW


Seriable’s Leslie reviews Falling Skies 2.05 — “Love and Other Acts of Courage”

I will be the first to admit that although I enjoyed the first season of Falling Skies, I still felt it was lacking any real action and had a tendency to be a bit too over the top when it came to the characters and their development.  It sometimes felt as if the writers were trying just a bit too hard to get us to like the characters which only led me to care for them less.

I liked the concept though and there were a few characters that I was interested in seeing again, such as Pope and Maggie and the finale with Tom boarding the ship was enough to bring me back for season two.

We are now 5 episodes into season two of Falling Skies and as it turns out, I am glad I stuck with it.  There have been some obvious changes this season in regards to character development and the plot and I am finally starting to connect with some of these characters.

I’ve always liked Noah Wyle, so I am happy to say that it seems he has finally grown into the role of Tom Mason and he has a certain”grit” about him that wasn’t there during season one.

In this episode, as the title suggests, things slowed down a little in the action department and focused more on the characters and their growing relationships.  We finally get to learn a little more about “Two Guns Maggie”, as our own Roco affectionately calls her, and why she has that hard shell that is so hard to crack.  Her growing relationship with Hal is actually kind of cute and believable, and although I wanted them to stop talking so the Mechs wouldn’t spot them while they hid in the car (which I’ll get back to), I liked their flirtatious conversation, especially when she teases Hal about Rita having an old lady name and he retaliates by reminding her that her name is Margaret.

Though I thought their conversation was well written and acted, I find it hard to believe that the two of them would be giggling and talking while Mechs are walking past them.  I mean if that would have been me, there would have been sweat pouring off of my face and I would have been shaking with fear.  These two didn’t seem scared in the least bit.  Maybe they are just getting used to the idea of being hunted and chased on a regular basis.

This episode also focused on the connection between Ben Mason and the red-eyed Skitter.  We learn from Red-Eye, that there are a group of Skitters who are rebelling against the Overlords themselves and would like nothing more than to fight against them with the 2nd Mass.  As it turns out, the Skitters came from a planet much like our own and were turned into slaves against their will.  They, however, did not fight back.  Upon coming to take over earth, some of the Skitters are reminded of their home planet and the freedom they once had and now they want it back.

I can understand the reluctance that Tom and the rest of the 2nd Mass share when it comes to believing the red-eyed Skitter, but I choose to believe him.  If old Red-Eye is telling the truth about his/her home planet it only makes sense that some of them would rebel.  They see the humans standing up for what is theirs and fighting for their lives and now realize it can be done.  Teaming up with these Skitters could prove to be problematic though.  First off, the only way they can communicate is through the children whose harnesses have been removed, like Ben and Rick.  Poor Rick can no longer help with that being dead and all, so the communications are going to be left up to Ben and what if something happens to him?  Also, the skitters all look the same and how do you know which ones to believe?

I’m also curious to know what exactly their home planet was like and would love to see flashbacks of their lives before being taken over.  Were they just like us in looks and mannerisms before being transformed into buggish looking slaves?  And exactly why does this particular Skitter have a red-eye?  Is it carried over from what it was before being transformed or does it have something to do with what it is now?  My theory is that red-eye already had this deformity before its home planet was invaded and it was carried over.  It also helps that because of this deformity, the Second Mass and their people can easily identify it from the other Skitters.  How very convenient.  :)

I’ve also noticed that it is mostly men and children carrying the weapons and doing all of the fighting.  While I understand that the children must fight back too, they are ultimately what is going to keep our race alive through procreation and we can’t afford to have them all killed off by fighting.  I would love to see some more women fighting on the frontlines and a few less children.

This episode was not my favorite of the season so far, but I enjoyed it and would give it a solid 7/10 Seriable Stars.  I may have given it 8 if it weren’t for the fact that Weaver said Berserkers twice during it within a 30 second period.  I’m sorry but the term Berserkers actually drives me berserkers.  They really could have come up with a better name for a gang of Skitter killers than that.  I’m hoping that they just casually stop referring to them as that and it will go away and be forgotten.  :)

7 Seriable Stars7/10 Seriable Stars

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  1. says

    “I’m also curious to know what exactly their home planet was like and would love to see flashbacks of their lives before being taken over.”

    While Falling Skies isn’t big on flashbacks, that would be interesting and could make the Skitters more sympathetic (though who doesn’t already have a soft spot for Red Eye!?). If it serves the story and doesn’t max the budget it might be something we see in future, if not on the show, perhaps in the comics?

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  2. says

    This was easily the worst episode of the season. Season 1 was filled with soap opera emotional boredom and the action only came in fits and starts – which is exactly what happened with this episode. And that last few seconds with the Professor and the Doctor?! All around horrible episode. 1.5/10

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    • Leslie says

      I don’t see it as quite that bad. Every show like this needs to have a mix of drama and action. The key is to find a mix of both that will appease all of the viewers. Not everyone wants to see action from beginning to end and the same goes for drama. There needs to be a happy medium.

      At the end of the day, these are still people struggling to survive in a world that is now unfamiliar to them. You can’t expect for there not to be a lot of emotion and drama to play into the mix.

      I’ll agree at times the scenes have a cheesy feel to them, but I see an improvement in Season Two.

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  3. Skylar says

    Leslie, I had the same thought about the Hal-Maggie car scene. They looked like 2 kids playing hide-n-seek, not two soldiers scared to death of the menacing terminators stomping around them.

    I’d also like to see more women take on the soldier role. (There aren’t many children with the 2nd Mass anyway). In fact, I’d like to see a few more characters developed besides the Mason men, Maggie, Anne, Lourdes and Weaver. What is everyone else doing at least? Character development is foremost in any narrative even if it intrudes on the action… or who would care what happens to these people? We still know very little about the characters the show has deemed as major players and little to nothing about anyone else.

    I think Pope leaving was premature; he seemed to be adapting to the group before Tom left with the aliens, and his disagreements with Tom seemed contrived…. I would rather have seen his character develop further and not wait for the reunion bound to happen somewhere down the road. I think they let Jimmy die too soon for the same reason. I was left flat by Weaver’s inability to have paternal feelings for him. Weaver gave a nice fallen soldier eulogy, but it wasn’t enough. I was hopeful when Weaver’s daughter showed up, we’d get more insight into him as a man, but then she left because a group of children thought they had a better chance apart from the 2nd Mass, which had just rescued said children from a “harness factory.”

    I also thought the 2nd Mass could’ve been a bit more sophisticated about Red-Eye and his/her plight given that there was evidence behind his story… the Mechs had slaughtered Skitters, and Red-Eye had allowed Tom to escape.

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  4. Leslie says

    Skylar ~ I agree about the character development. Like you said, we wouldn’t care about these characters otherwise and then what would be the point. We need to feel some sort of connection to them.

    Weaver is one of the characters that bother me somewhat. I too was a bit surprised by the fact that his daughter and the other children left after the 2nd Mass saved their lives. I kept asking myself why? There is truth to the term “safety in numbers”. They would have been better off sticking around. Also, Diego (was that his name?) should have done the right thing for Weaver’s daughter and stayed with the 2nd Mass for her sake. She shouldn’t of had to choose.

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