Doctor Who WILL Return for Season 6 – Will Matt Smith Join Him?

Was there ever really any doubt?

According to reports, the Beeb have confirmed that Doctor Who will return for a 13-episode season 6 next year.

But that’s not the only news that will please many Who fans.

Steven Moffat, may have found a new gem with Sherlock, but he will resume as executive producer, writing 5 of the 13 episodes – and the Christmas special.

Matt Smith also returns as the Doctor, temporal shifting fears amongst some fans that his debut season would be his last.

I must say, I thought that David Tennant was a superb Doctor, difficult to better. But I’m looking forward to seeing what Smith can add to the role with another season.


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  1. Page 48 says

    Matt Smith better be back (and he’d better not be late for my weddinggggahh). I love this guy’s version of The Doctor, (as I did David Tennant’s). And, I hope Amy sticks around for his entire tenure. One thing that disturbs me about the Tennant years is the constant churning of companions. I luv me some Amy Pond (all alone in that big old house).

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    • says


      I have to agree with your assessment. I thought Tennant was fantastic as The Doctor, and Smith picked up the baton and ran with it, literally (as The Doctor does).

      I recently watched some of the Ninth Doctor episodes but didn’t have to same connection to Ecclestone’s version.

      And yeah, it would be good if Pond could stick around for a while.

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