DOCTOR WHO: Series 7 Trailer Is A Dalek Killer [WATCH]


As promised, the BBC has unleashed a spanking new trailer for the upcoming seventh series of Doctor Who. Mostly comprising the upcoming ‘stories of the week’, the trailer is filled to the rafters with Daleks, dinosaurs (..on a spaceship), angry robots, Weeping Angels — you know, the usual.

Watch the new Doctor Who Series 7 Trailer below:

Doctor Who threatens to not be as arc heavy in Series 7, much to our dismay, but there will at least one significant storyline involving the Ponds as the series develops — and I still have hope that it does develop throughout the series and isn’t just delivered over a single episode.

If you missed it earlier, check here for the new Doctor Who Series 7 photo

Series 7 comes to BBC and BBC America this fall.

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