DOCTOR WHO Renewed for Series 7

Cool news: The BBC has renewed Doctor Who for a 14-episode seventh series, with “a good chunk” of the episodes airing 2012. It’s not yet known how many will air next year.

As mentioned by The Guardian, “the renewal follows a report in Private Eye that producers BBC Wales were proposing not to make a full series of the hit show in 2012 and instead air four specials.”

I don’t mind the current ‘split season’, as it serves the narrative while reducing the long wait for new episodes. But I’d very much like to watch all of Series 7 in the same calendar year.



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  1. Page 48 says

    Four specials basically means no story arc, just 3 one-offs and a Christmas Special. Not really acceptable, IMO. Surely the actors can free up enough time for 14 eppies per annum.

    I can’t see dragging a season over 2 calendar years unless it didn’t debut until Fall 2012. Nevertheless, this is good news and hopefully Pond will come along.

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  2. ICE-H says

    They need increase the budget, it would have been awesome if they made a 22 episode seasons :)

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