DOCTOR WHO Producer Defends ‘De-Serialization’


Doctor Who executive producer Caroline Skinner has come out in support of the upcoming series’ more standalone format.

Speaking to SFX, Skinner acknowledged the “brilliantly plotted” sixth series, but refutes suggestions that the show has taken the easy way out by focusing largely on self-contained episodes ahead of the Amy and Rory Pond exit:

I don’t think we’re in any way simplifying or dumbing down. It feels as if it’s just a different direction to take it in. There isn’t an incredibly knotty serial arc running through them all – what we wanted to do was make sure that they really felt as if they were just the biggest films that they could be.

The motivation? It seems the producers want to make the show as accessible as possible for new viewers:

It feels as if it’s a time when anyone should be able to tune in and watch Doctor Who, whether they’ve been a diehard fan or whether they’re coming to it afresh. These standalone stories are just brilliant adventures. You’re walking onto the TARDIS and the Doctor is taking you somewhere really unexpected every week, and that’s the essence of Doctor Who. They’re really thrilling stories. is disappointed that the upcoming series will be less arc-heavy, but has its fingers crossed that there will be enough ongoing story momentum to deliver a meaningful and satisfying climax to the Ponds’ arc.

Source: SFX

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  1. James says

    i think they just want to get as many new viewers on board as possible for the 50th anniversary, which’ll probably be ridiculously complicated

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    • says

      James, that could indeed be a motivation, though the show hasn’t done badly growing its audience over the past few years with arc-based stories.

      I’m not sure how complicated the 50th will be, in truth, but I guess we’ll have to see what they have in store.

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