DOCTOR WHO: New Companion Name Confirmed (Reports), New Series 7 Photos


The Doctor’s new companion will, as expected, be called Clara — full name Clara Oswin — according to The Mirror.

Played by Jenna-Louise Coleman, the character will initially be referred to by the Doctor simply as “Oswin”, and is described as “a computer whizz who is feisty, flirty” and more than a match for the Time Lord.

Apparently, one of the whizz kid’s first lines to the Time Lord is: “Rescue me boy and show me the stars.” As previously reported, Oswin will arrive in the Christmas special following the “heartbreaking” departure of Amy and Rory Pond.

Looking ahead to more immediate pastures, six new photos from the opening episode of Series 7, “Asylum Of The Daleks”, have arrived — take a peek at them below:


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Series 7 launches this fall on BBC and BBC America.

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