DOCTOR WHO MOVIE: ‘We’re Looking For A Writer’ — David Yates


David Yates has given his first public update on the much buzzed-about Doctor Who Movie that plans to disregard the show’s continuity.

Speaking to MTV News, Yates admitted:

“I can’t really talk about that because its such a long way away. You know, we’re looking principally for a writer, and we’ll start with that. Everything has to start with a great script, so that’s more important [than casting].

It’s a long journey and we’re going to take our time.”

As for the ‘pressure’ of stepping into the world of Doctor Who and starting a completely separate chapter that disregards seriable continuity:

“I’ve lived with pressure for so long. What’s pressure? I don’t know anymore. It’s fine, it’s good. It’s such a wonderful character and such a wonderful world. It’s exciting.

via: Doctor Who TV


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