DOCTOR WHO: Meet Eye-Patch Lady

Madame Kovarian

She’s the mysterious eye-patch lady who has recurred throughout the current series of Doctor Who. Appearing to Amy through a variety of slits – as though looking in on her from another realm –¬†Madam Kovarian is the kind of story-element that made even “The Curse Of The Black Spot” bearable (just).

In the final two episodes before the series goes on midseason lowatus, we begin to find out more about who she is and what her objectives are.

Actress Frances Barber has dished a couple of small ‘Madam Kovarian clues’ in the latest issue of Total TV Guide. See what she had to say after the jump.

May contain¬†spoilers for US readers who may not have seen “The Almost People” this past Saturday due to the Memorial Day break.

Barber explains Madame Kovarian’s recurring presence, saying “She’s popped up in several episodes, but until [the mid-series finale] you’re not sure who she is, or who she is even talking to.”

Barber adds that “she’s involved with Amy’s pregnancy – before and after the birth – and is in charge of a band of soldiers. Oh dear, I fear I’ve said too much!”

As for Kovarian’s distinctive look. “It’s a very fitted forties’ femme fatale look, but it has a futuristic twist – all rubbery and glisteny. It’s a powerful dominatrix look, though not in a sexual way.”

[Source: Total TV Guide]

Interesting comment on the “futuristic twist”. Can we read anything into that?

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