DOCTOR WHO Releases Fresh Images Of Future Companion Jenna-Louise Coleman


The following story contains major spoilers for the Doctor Who Series 7 premiere “Asylum of the Daleks”. Stop reading now if you don’t want to know any major spoilers for this episode, which will impact future storylines.

The BBC has released new photos of the Doctor’s new companion-in-waiting, Jenna-Louise Coleman.

Coleman made a surprise appearance in the Series 7 premiere, “Asylum Of The Daleks“, as Dalek ‘convert’ Oswin Oswald in an opener that laid down an intriguing storyline to be picked up later in the series once Amy and Rory Pond have departed the show.

Scroll down to check out the new photos of Coleman’s character Oswin Oswald, and click to enlarge:

Coleman was expected to make her Doctor Who debut in this year’s Christmas special, so it’s good to see the show can keep a few secrets up its sleeve.

Indeed, head writer and executive producer Steven Moffat thanked the press and fans for keeping the big ‘Clara twist’ a secret for the large majority who didn’t attend the screenings:

“I hope you all got a nice surprise when Jenna popped up in Doctor Who several months early. If so, that surprise came to you courtesy of the frankly magnificent ladies and gentlemen of the press, and of the many Doctor Who forums and blogs too. From all of us on Doctor Who, a heartfelt thank you for helping us tell our story.”

Coleman concurred, saying:

“Boo! Hello! Hope we gave you a good surprise! Thanks to all the fans who kept it quiet and made it so! More to come… watch this space!”

Source/Photos: BBC

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