DOCTOR WHO: Alex Kingston Wants To Continue River’s Song In Series 7

We know that River Song will be back when Series 6 of Doctor Who resumes this September, but will her story arc continue into the recently confirmed seventh series?

While the answer to that questions lies in the head of executive producer Steven Moffat, Alex Kingston has shared her thoughts on her character’s overarching story.

Speaking in the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine, Kingston said:

“I’d love to [return]. As long as we feel that there are still stories to tell, I’m happy to continue. It’s not often, as a woman, that you find such a fabulous, kick-ass role to play, but I think, in order to make her a fully-rounded character, there have to be real, hidden emotional depths that are slowly revealed, so I’m loving all that. She’s an amazing character.

“I love playing her, and I love that she’s been embraced – not just by parents, but also by kids, because that makes her sort of ageless. She’s naughty, irreverent and fun…and she gets the best entrances and exits every episode. Nothing is too bizarre for River. She’s fabulous.”

As for what secrets she thinks River has up her sleeve, Kingston teased:

“It’s science fiction and it’s Steven [Moffat] – so River could stand in some stormfield somewhere and suddenly lose her power to regenerate or, if she doesn’t have regenerative powers, she could gain them. Who knows. “

Source: Doctor Who TV

What would you like to see from River Song’s Doctor Who arc?


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  1. Page 48 says

    Yes, please. More Melody Pond, and perhaps (if I may be so bold) just a tad less Rory. I’m concerned that Rory the Roman is moving in on Amy’s turf this season and I’m not so much in favour of that. I think that the real chemistry of the show resides with The Doctor and Amy Pond and I suspect that that’s what the majority of viewers want to see.

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  2. Theo says

    Dear god please no more River… Nothing against the actress, I’ve just never been a fan of the character, I find her rather annoying and over used. And I hate the whole romance between her and the Doctor, just seems unnecessary. Just send her to the library already and be done with it. Moffat has really disappointed me with this series (I still love Doctor Who and Matt Smith) but he just seems to be throwing episodes together with no real rhyme or reason to them. I thought he did a great job with “Blink” and I was excited to hear he’d be taking over as head writer, but he has really dragged the show down I feel. Which is really sucks for Matt Smith, his acting I think could be so much better if they got a new head writer. I say throw out River Song and Moffat. Get some new blood to the show, I think Matt could do so much more as the Doctor.

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  3. sara says

    Please oh please show more to the river song story with the doctor! Its an amazing development for him to actually play out. He knows when she’ll die, and there’s no chance to see their romance wither and die. The character comes so close to love with rose, its time for a love story he can actually play out, without everything becoming stagnant. There were to many unresolved parts in the last season and we need more. IT WOULD BE FANTASTIC!!!

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  4. jenna says

    More River please. I think her relationship with The Doctor would slightly change The Doctor’s relationship with Rory. The Doctor could happily greet her and Rory could get all tense and make one of those “Stay away from my daughter” speeches and add in anything about how he always has a sword with him.

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  5. Jessica says

    I think that the needs to be some shows were we see the doctor interacting with his wife. We have seen them work together before, but that is before he knew that she was Amy and Rory’s daughter and that she was force to kill him. She is a much need character. As his wife, he knows and is there when she dies. If anything, she needs to be a companion. Plus given the fact that she is in jail, as the Doctor said her nights are another story. Watch “The Wedding of River Song”. It is full of clues.

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  6. Joanna says

    It’s time for the Doctor to get his love story, I think. It’s already bittersweet since he knows when River is going to die, but that just means he’s really got to treasure every moment he has with her. Since they are now married it would be fantastic to see some more emotional scenes between them. We saw early on that River does understand the Doctor frighteningly well, and he does the same for her. I believe they do love each other. And they’re a couple now, so little things like holding hands or flying the tardis together, and every once in a while a hug or having a quiet moment to talk would really enhance both characters. Especially since in the early days of River Song all they could show of her character was the cool stuff, now they can show that there is this other side to her-that she does love the Doctor and cares for her family-and seeing the Doctor love differently. We know he loves all of his companions, but he almost got to explore being in love with Rose and now he can have River, who is a fellow Gallifreyan and is just as mad as he is and is someone who doesn’t need him to have adventures of her own. She’s someone he can love romantically and completely.

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