DEXTER: Season 7 Sneak Peek Flashes Forward


Showtime know how badly Dexter fans want to see the show’s seventh season, which is why they’ve coughed up this very naughty sneak peek.

The ’15 second’ sneak peek literally goes by in a flash (much like Dexter’s life must have when Debs caught him killing Travis). Check it out below to see what follows the “Oh Gawd!” cliffhanger:

Catch everything? Fear not, we’ve captured a few of the too-fast-by-half frames for your perusal below:

The penultimate season will of course explore the very complicated relationship between Dex and Debs — does she still love him after witnessing him kill Travis; can she accept him for the killer that he is? — while re-activating the Bay Harbor Butcher case and introducing new storylines, including one involving an eastern European crime syndicate.

Dexter Season 7 kicks off this fall on Showtime.

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