DEXTER Season 7 Full Poster Turns The Tables


Showtime have drip-teased Dexter fans over the past couple of days with the piecemeal release of the show’s Season 7 poster. Today, they’ve put it all on the table with the release of the complete picture.

So, why the cloak and dagger? While Dex is now ‘complete’, the serial killer is sporting a precision gash on his right cheek, something he might not be too proud of, given his personal ‘high standards’. Along with the crucial clue, the poster bears the tag “He Saw. She Saw — It’s All On The Table”, in reference to the secret he now shares with his sister Debs.

The bloody gash almost looks like a tear, which is fitting as Dex isn’t the type to show his emotions in conventional ways. We could venture further and say that whoever hurt him, hurt him on the inside.

So, it looks like Debs might be the one to inflict the damage, turning the tables on her brother/potential lover, perhaps in self-defense? While we indulge in speculation, see what you make of it below (via: TV Line):

Season 7 premieres Sept. 30 on Showtime.

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  1. Rick Terry says

    My first thought is this resembles the slice Dex always makes on his victims, to get their blood on his slides. Maybe this speaks to the ultimate endgame and that Dex will go down by his own hand in the end, or perhaps more likely he will end up like his victims when all is said and done. Hmm… definitely interesting to say the least.

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