DEXTER Season 7 Spots — Will Dex Kill Debs (Or Sleep With Her)?


Dexter Season 6 finale and Season 7 Spoilers Follow

When Debra caught Dexter with his blade in Travis at the end of last season, it trapped the serial killer in his worst nightmare. But what comes next may be as surprising to Dex as anyone else.

That’s according to two new spots released today by Showtime, which depict Dex pondering the implications of Debra catching him with his “dark passenger” fully exposed. While much of the pre-Season 7 chatter has been about what Debra will do, there’s one, if not two more forces to consider. As a troubled Dex says in one of the spots:

“The only thing worse than not knowing what she’ll do, is not knowing…what I’LL do.”

Check out both spots, titled “What Happens Next” and “My Dark Passenger” respectively, below:

If this spot is indeed a template for the upcoming season, they’re clearly not backing away from the incest angle (in fact, we know they’re not). The bed imagery is of course very intentionally drawn to make allusions of intimacy while drawing parallels with Dex’s kill table.

Which brings us to the rather interesting idea of Dex not knowing what he’ll do next, particularly given the grim implication that he might not be able to protect Debs from his “dark passenger”. Whether that manifests into a real possibility remains to be seen, but his ‘uncertainty’ (at least in this spot) is an interesting concept to play with.

Season 7 begins Sept. 30 on Showtime

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