DEXTER: ‘Nobody Knew’ — Edward James Olmos Talks Gellar Reveal


We’ve heard from showrunner/writer Scott Buck on the revelation concerning Gellar’s corporeal status, now Edward James Olmos, who plays the blood-thirsty professor, provides his take.

This article contains spoilers if you’re yet to see “Get Gellar”..

Olmos reiterates the level of secrecy went into setting up the reveal that Gellar is a manifestation of Travis’ mind, and elaborates a bit further. Here are the quotables:

I didn’t read the script. The reaction came because I demanded to know exactly what I’d be doing and I met secretly with the producers and they outlined the exact understanding of what we were going to go through. I said, ‘well, OK, let’s try it.” And the whole understanding needed to be that nobody would know—not the directors, not the cast, not the crew. Nobody. Nobody knew.

He elaborates:

It’s the only way to create that level of understanding. When Dexter sees me in the cooler, that’s the first time he’s actually seeing me. That’s the only time we ever worked together—that’s the only thing we ever did, and I never really saw him because I’m in the cooler and I’m dead. So we have no relationship together whatsoever.



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