DEXTER: New Religious-Themed Season 6 Poster


Another religious-themed poster is released ahead of the religious-themed sixth season of Dexter.

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Executive producer Sara Colleton has described Dexter’s upcoming exploration of faith as being “very, very Dexter-like“:

This season is about Dexter trying to figure out if faith is something he should teach Harrison, but before he can do that, Dexter, himself, has to figure out what faith is. So, you say that and immediately you think, “Oh, Dexter? Faith? No!” I can guarantee you that this is not any New Age religious stuff with Dexter finding religion. He explores something that is unexplorable and he tries to define something that’s indefinable in a very, very Dexter-like way.

Dexter Season 6 Premieres October 2 on Sho.

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  1. Aria Mohtadi says

    This poster kinda reminds me of

    the scene in the ALIAS series finale in which Arvin Sloane falls into the
    ‘red’ Rambaldi pool of Immortality, and becomes Immortal…

    which sort of makes sense, if Dexter about to immortalize his legacy.

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