DEXTER: Lauren Velez On LaGuerta’s Discovery ‘That Could Unravel Everything’

Lauren Velez as Lt. Laguerta - Photo: Peter Iovino - Photo ID: DEXTER_102_0351

The seventh season of Showtime’s Dexter certainly seems to be cooking up some exciting storylines. One of the most intriguing (at least on paper) involves Lauren Velez‘s Captain Maria LaGuerta.

The actress spoke to Huffington Post to tease some spoilery details on what’s coming up for her character in the new season. She said:

“We’ve always known that LaGuerta is great at manipulating circumstances and making strategic political moves for her career, but now we will actually find out what a good detective she is—what a good cop she is. She uncovers something this season that could potentially unravel everything.”

In a recent TV Guide interview, Dexter EP Sara Colleton revealed that LaGuerta finds Dexter’s blood slide — which she connects with the Bay Harbor Butcher case. Velez describes these developments as “really powerful”:

“It’s a really good story line. And even though we’re only on episode four now, the scenes are really powerful…really powerful stuff. I mean, she finds the slide and then she orders the evidence back..”

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As for how this will change LaGuerta’s relationship with Dexter, Velez says it’s too early to tell, as at this stage of filming she’s had little interaction with Michael C Hall’s character. However, she admits that LaGuerta should probably be worried about her safety.

It’s an interesting point. Would Dexter go that far to cover up his secrets, especially with Debs watching his every move? Of course, Debs and LaGuerta haven’t always seen eye-to-eye, but this is different. Or is it? One of the most ‘shocking’ end to this story would be for Debs to fully embrace her brother/potential lover’s ‘dark passenger’ and do anything to protect him. If the show did go down that path (which could also work organically), it could give Walter White a run for his money in the protagonist-turned-antihero stakes.

Of course, we’re getting ahead of ourselves here, but it’s going to be interesting to see how it all develops. The Bay Habor Butcher is a storyline that carries plenty of weight due to its history in the show and the impact it had on several characters, so it’s difficult not to speculate where it could all lead.

Dexter continues Sept. 30 on Showtime

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