DEXTER: First-Look At Season 7 Premiere Is Fully Loaded


The first look at the Dexter Season 7 premiere, entitled “Are You…?”, has surfaced to reveal the other side of last season’s “Oh Gawd!” cliffhanger.

‘Debra, meet Dark Passenger. Dark Passenger, meet Debra’s gun.’

And to think, she was planning to stick her mouth in his face, now it’s her gun. Not an unexpected reaction, considering she’s just seen him plunge a knife into Travis’ chest. What comes next will be very interesting. Does she shoot him, bring him to the station, slap him on the wrist? Either way, poor Debs has some thinking and dot-connecting to do.

EP Scott Buck tells TV Guide that the confrontation forces Dexter to further define who he is:

“Viewers might think we shy away from that moment of Debra walking in and seeing Dexter stabbing into Travis’ chest, but it’s just the opposite. She now has to deal with what she’s seen and what she knows. And it forces him to defend and define himself.”

It all kicks off Sunday, September 30 on Showtime.

Showtime | HT: Shawn

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