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 Seriable’s Aria Mohtadi reviews Dexter 7.02 “Sunshine and Frosty Swirl”

There’s no way back from this. Debra’s complicit in the act and she’s got to either turn Dex in or bury his secret deeper and find a way to cure his thirst for blood. Will the repression burst in unimaginable ways or will Dex break out of confinement like Wayne Randall?

Where were we again? 

  • Debra found flaws in Dexter’s semi-alibi and eventually realized that her brother is a serial killer.
  • LaGuerta is investigating the connection between the blood slide found at Travis’ crime scene and the Bay Harbor Butcher case, off the books.
  • Dex messed with the wrong guys this time. In a quick blood-splattering fix he killed a member of a Ukrainian mob.

Open the floodgates

The consequences are devastating for Deb; her whole life is rendered meaningless, her career’s put on the line. But it seems Dex is handling this life changing event like any other. There’s a reason why the illusive visual/narrative world of Dexter is so dreamy, colorful and peachy: He’s still the same bloodthirsty child deep inside. He can’t feel the gravity brought upon by his actions. The nightly hunts are still a game to him, one that is bound by Harry’s set of rules. Deb will definitely have a hard time accepting the grim reality.

She quickly catches on to the problem with Dex’s excuse in only killing “certain” kinds of people: “ A lot of horrible things happen to a lot of people and they don’t turn out like you” – What is this sense of righteousness that justifies the satisfaction of Dex’s urges? Of course, it brings the question whether Harry did the right thing to give in to the monster and channel Dex’s killer instincts.

The fact that Dex has even named his killer instinct (Dark passenger; inspired by the poster Dexter sees in episode “The dark defender”) proves that he’s still disillusioned by Harry’s notion of right and wrong. What made Harry make the judgment call of creating an avenging watcher out of his son? In a way Harry used Dexter to fulfill his own craving for revenge and justice. This makes Harry and his projections the original dark passenger (he appeared as a hitchhiker in “Nebraska”, right?), and Brian Moser, a boundless version of it. Deb makes it clear for him: “The people in that box, they’re the victims.”. The irony of it, of course, is that in the process of serving justice, Dex has become another criminal who’s managed to elude everyone.

It’s a good thing the showrunners acknowledged Deb’s failure in recognizing her brother for what he really is, it helps her grow further as a character like in last season. Parallels could be drawn to Breaking Bad, and Hank’s situation in regards to his brother-in-law. Now with helping Dex cover up the murder of Travis, she’s in too deep.

What will Dex do if Deb eventually finds no other choice than arresting him? He certainly gives a menacing look as he asks Deb “What are you gonna do?” . Perhaps that expression of ignorance was essential in Debra’s decision to stand by Dex and help him.

Interesting that right after Deb leaves Dex (within two occasions in the same episode), Figment-Harry appears and basically speaks Dex’s darker inner feelings on the matter. He later begins to question the effectiveness of Debra’s rushed rehab program. Figment-Gellar also served the same purpose for Travis. So who’s to say Dex and Travis aren’t fundamentally equal? They’re both killers. The difference appears in the quality of their outbursts and how they channel their urges.

What’s stopping Deb from giving up on Dexter? Her intimate feelings for him, as revealed in season 6, or simply the notion that “none of them are normal”? Because Dexter knows well he’s never going to be normal. Is it worth the try?


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  1. Rick Terry says

    I am bothered by the whole “Dex come stay with me and leave your son/my nephew to the baby sitter 24/7.”. It Feels a little bit like a sloppy plot hole, albeit minor in the wake of the circumstances, but still. Couldn’t Dex have brought the little guy to Auntie Deb’s house too?

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    • Aria Mohtadi says

      I agree, Deb should have been more devastated and repulsed by the revelation (like in the opening sequence).

      I guess Harrison doesn’t like overcooked meals! 😀

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  2. Peanut says

    I guess that poor little Harrison is soon being put on a bus–maybe he can go stay with his grandparents & siblings. After all, is a serial killer really a suitable parent? Actually, it looks as if Harrison is being kept around so that Louis has a reason to continue annoying Dex at home.

    Thanks for reviewing Aria. I look forward to how events will play out this season. I think that Deb is still processing “my dearly beloved brother is a serial killer.” More questions are bound to occur to her as she figures things out.

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    • Aria Mohtadi says

      Thank you, Peanut.

      Yes, you’re right. Unfortunately, I think Harrison will eventually have to join Rita’s kids, too. I do hope there’s a more conceivable explanation to Louis’ motives other than just being emotionally wounded about his game. (I mean, c’mon…even Skyrim gets its share of harsh reviews!)

      Getting rid of Louis would be easier than it appears; Dex just needs to get a restraining order on him! It seems the writers are stuck with a character they just injected into the show last year. It’s good that they’re giving it a shape and a backstory, and not just making it disappear like Ryan or most of the people from season 3, but still a good character needs a proper set of consistent qualities.

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      • says

        Great review!!
        I think Louis is just crazy, not someone with mistery intentions.

        I’m enjoying so much this season, but I think they waited too long to get to this point in the story. This could happend 2 seasons ago, I guess. But, anyway, I like this season, cause if Deb didn’t had found out about it, I would never watch this show again. (I probably made some mistake in this sentence, I’m not good with past tense, sorry)

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        • Aria Mohtadi says

          Thanks, Amanda.

          Yup, probably he’s just got self-esteem issues.

          I agree, the premise is more promising comparing to the past two seasons. I guess they also rushed a bit with the BHB storyline in season 2, I mean they could have kept it in the arsenal for a while. But then again, Deb’s realization was inevitable from the start. She accidentally got in too deep with the ITK case.

          (No worries. I’ve made mistakes along the way, too. 😉 )

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          • says


            They are bring back a lot from season 1 and 2, now. The references are everywhere, the kills from season 1, the hand from the ITK case, the Doaks case (season 2) Harry and the code, Landy, etc. And leaving aside things from a more present time (or bad moments in the story): Rita, Harry (yes, best nanny in the world), the trinity, Lumen, Miguel, Lila… I think those last ones will definitely be forgotten… let`s see.

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            • Aria Mohtadi says

              Yes, true indeed. It’s great that they’re going back to the roots.
              I truly hope they’re done with Quinn’s (or anyone’s for that matter) relationships once and for all! 😀

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