DECEPTION: 1.01 Burning Questions & Review


A new tale of murder and mystery has begun. Deception sure left us with a bunch of burning questions.


decep21. The central question that drives the entire story, at least for now — who killed Vivian Bowers? Practically every member of the Bowers family is a suspect, including Julian who we see discarding a distinctive ring that surely left the bruise on Vivian’s face. One thing we do know for sure, she recognized the guy she picked up the night before she was found dead — but who was that guy?

2. Prior to her death, Vivian was going to blow to whistle on the family company, Bowers Pharmaceutical, over the deadly drug Lyritrol developed by Vivian’s eldest brother Edward. Given that Edward later tells his dead sister “I’m sorry, I tried”, just how  involved was he in her demise?

3. Who killed Remy? He was seen arguing with Vivian’s little ‘sister’ Mia.

4. Vivian was pregnant when she died. We got a glimpse of the potential father, but who is he and was he involved in Vivian’s death?

5. The episode’s big bombshell comes from the revelation that Mia is in fact Vivian’s daughter. Joanna flashes back to a moment Vivian was throwing up and the pieces begin to fall into place, including Sofia’s comments about cleaning up her mess. Again we ask, who is the father?



Deception is going to get compared with Revenge whether it likes it or not so I’m hoping it can distinguish itself as quickly as possible. While the general premise of both shows is similar, I do feel that Revenge had a stronger opening hook, one that perhaps had more legs than Deception appears to at this point. Another comparison would be the CW’s ill-fated Ringer, though thankfully Deception appears to have less melodrama.

While the acting is certainly competent and I appreciate the mystery elements, I don’t feel particularly attached to any of the characters at the moment and I’m not itching to dive back into this world. That being said, I’m treating this very much as a pilot (which funnily enough it is) and will  give it more time before making any fixed judgements. You can see that they tried to establish to world of the show as quickly as possible, which worked in some areas and not so much in others. The flashbacks, while not overly engaging at least helped fill in the backstory without slowing the pace down too much.

A lot will hinge on the next few episodes, they really need to be a sticky as possible. Revenge has proven that there’s an appetite for seriables like this, but I come back to my earlier point. At the same time if Deception plays to its strengths perhaps it can flourish. Time will tell.

To be continued…

7 Seriable Stars

7/10 Seriable Stars


  1. Rick Terry says

    I missed the Revenge train as it left the station, so I was looking forward to this NBC sorta version, but it seems that NBC has pretty much doomed this show from before it even got to play its pilot. Depending on what part of the world you live in, This pilot was played up against the college football (American) National Championship. (in case you are not from America, then just trust me The BCS championship is a huge deal over here) This was an idiot move for NBC if they are banking on true ratings numbers. Most people were watching that game last night.
    Second thing was the shortened order of episodes from 13 to 11 to accommodate the schedule. This could be a good thing or a bad thing. Are they just filling time till Revolution returns, and cramming this story into less eps so as to burn it off? Or are they confident in the story enough to reduce the amount of eps? Are these eps still in production so that they can reflect a good ending if cancelled? This raises so many questions.

    I guess if the numbers jump significantly next week then the NBC heads will probably salivate, but they are forgetting that the numbers are skewed due to (lets say) half that amount watched the pilot live.

    What will happen if this show turns out amazing? Will the increase the order, and if they do when will the rest of the season air?

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