Dead Is Dead For THE EVENT?

It’s been well over a month since we last heard anything about NBC‘s canceled seriesĀ The Event, and its hopes of finding a new home on another network.

We have an idea of where theĀ Season 2 was going, but with the show’s actors beginning to find new jobs, including lead Jason Ritter — who’s going back to Parenthood, and has a new project Gravity Falls in development — it’s even more unlikely that the show will have an afterlife.

With that in mind, we’re polling your thoughts on the likely demise of the show’s faint hopes of returning. Disappointed? Pleased?..

No comeback for The Event..

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  1. says

    Do these votes have anything to do with getting the show back on air? If so, how many votes do we need? I am just started watching this show on Netflix and I love it! I was bummed to find out that it had been canceled a few years ago… I want to bring it back! :)

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  2. brian says

    Everyones watching dancing with the stars and other pupet shows and letting this good movies and series go to waste it so sad there a lot of good series out there that need to be completed. thank you

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  3. Whitney says

    PLEASE bring back the event!!! I LOVED that show! me and my dad would watch it every night it came on!! If I could, I would vote a million times for it to come back on!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! At least one more season!!!

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  4. Stephoney Stanfield says

    I loved the story line and the whole build up of the Event. Please bring back season 2, just don’t us hanging.
    Thank You

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