DAYBREAK Makes TOUCH A Touch More Interesting


The main element that binds Daybreak and Touch together, at least after three chapters of the new web series, is the mysterious dodecahedron object that was introduced towards the end of Touch‘s first season and serves as Daybreak‘s ongoing mythology.

I was somewhat skeptical going into Daybreak since Touch didn’t exactly light my world on fire, but if anything it’s turned out to have a pretty interesting storyline with a mythology that offers fascinating potential for the future of Touch (assuming the show does become more serialized in Season 2).

In one scene in the third chapter, protagonist Ben Wilkins accidentally touches Nikola Tesla‘s dodecahedron and has a strange experience/vision which is attributed to the reworking of his neural pathways — in other words, he seems to tap into an inherent ability of some kind — one that raises more questions regarding Jake’s ability in Touch.

The Daybreak website,, also contains tons of additional clips and clues that extend the dodecahedron mythology, and includes references to Aster Corp and features a more direct Daybreak/Touch crossover (clip below).

So far, so good for Daybreak. It’s an interesting example of serialized web content with transmedia ties to a larger story, and importantly, it’s made me curious to see how Touch incorporates more of these interesting elements into Season 2.

You can watch the first three Daybreak chapters here and here (chapter 4 is unlocked June 21). Below are some of the additional Daybreak videos:

Daybreak – A Premonition (ht: HSN):

Prof. Wilkins Video Diary 1:

Prof. Wilkins Video Diary 2:

Prof. Wilkins Video Diary 3:

Dodecahedron Testing – Subject #29 Day 4

Dodecahedron Testing – Subject #47 Day 6

Jack Boxer Webmaster Transmission 000043: Call to Arms

Jack Boxers Transmission 006715: Professor Wilkins Kidnapped

Jack Boxers Transmission 006819: Surveillance on Ben Wilkins

Reporter Gregg Harding Attacked

Jack Boxer Webmaster Transmission 006850: System Virus Purged

Jack Boxer Webmaster Transmission 006882: Informant

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