Damon Lindelof: ‘LOST Will Return Without Me’


It’s been two years since ABC’s drama serial LOST called time on its six year reign, but co-creator Damon Lindelof believes the world hasn’t seen the last of the show.

The ending of LOST divided the show’s loyal fanbase; many were satisfied by its final message, while others (no pun intended) were were left outraged at the way the story concluded. However, speaking at Variety’s Entertainment & Technology Summit, Lindelof said he has no regrets about the story they ultimately told:

“It’s been two years (since the series wrapped) and we told the story we wanted to tell.”

It’s important that they got to tell the story they wanted. For a serial to finish on its own terms, on network television, is no mean feat. That’s not to say I was thrilled at some of the decisions made in that final season, particularly the apparent disregard to the mythology, but at the same time, I don’t think they could have pleased everyone.

As for whether LOST will ever return, Lindelof admits that it’s likely, but reiterates his desire not to go back like Jack:

“I do feel like the world has not seen the end of ‘Lost,’ but I’m not going to have any involvement.”

Not that he has much control over the matter (ABC own the rights to LOST), but Lindelof promises not to put the magical ash ring around the serial:

“It would be hypocritical for me to say I’m going to do ‘Star Trek’ but I don’t want anyone to touch LOST.”

Given the ongoing reboot culture, a LOST revival probably will happen at some point, whether that’s 5, 10 or 15 years from now. While the notion of continuation and the possibility of answers to those unanswered mysteries would tempt many fans, I think there would also be a fair bit of resistance to the thought of LOST returning under a different watch, and with possibly different characters, especially given the way it ended. But that’s perhaps moot when there’s money to be made. You can be sure that a LOST revival would attract lots of interest.

Would you like to see a LOST revival/seventh season?

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Source: Variety | Image credit: LostPB

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  1. Steve says

    We have to go back guys!!! Of course we want our favourite series back!!!!

    Let’s do that!!!!!!!

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    • Wayne says

      Well I got the finale but only at the end, The island was real life! They could make a 7th series and show what happend when Hugo and Ben stayed on the island and the people who took off in plane kate etc go back to the island

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      • lostfan!!!!!! says

        I agree, they could show that after the plane took off and jack could see it befor he died, the plane could crash again.. then hugo, ben, kate, james, lapidus, richard, miles, desmond, rose and bernard could be a team and defeat the man in black if he comes back to life….. it would be awesome

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        • Shaun Taylor says

          Yes I did an Ben whent to the drama food stores an sacked the two workers. An on the island there was the whispers in the trees these couldn’t leave for some reason. Mike was one of them an where did Ben Hurley take Walt when they whent for him. It’s so unfinished please complete it guys

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    • says

      Maybe there will be a next generation of Lost. Like, another plane crash. If they do that, I swear to god im going to kill some people if its still Oceanic Airline, because I would have shut that bitch down after 2 fucking plane crashes on God forsaken No where land!

      I honest to god am NEVER going on Oceanic Airline. EVER.

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    • says

      Maybe there will be a next generation of Lost. Like, another plane crash. If they do that, I swear to god im going to kill some people if its still Oceanic Airline, because I would have shut that bitch down after 2 fucking plane crashes on God forsaken No where land!

      I honest to god am NEVER going on Oceanic Airline. EVER.

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      • evelyn says

        Actually, the second plane crash was with Ajira Airlines.. remember? The flight was headed to Guam or something like that.

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        • thomas says

          oooohhh god. another one of those people who didnt pay attention to ANY of the series and as a result thought that the ending explained that none of it was real. you sort of people piss me off so much. you pretend to like the series when infact you completely ignored every part of the story, im sorry but you know it’s true.

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    • Chelsie says

      Nothing was confirmed.

      We have to go back to conclude the story.
      It was as if by the end the writers/producers couldn’t be bothered ending it properly it after the six years of filming. It was as if they couldn’t wait for it to be finished and they just threw together a terrible ending and expected us to be happy, I’m not even nearly contended nor satisfied.

      Dedicated Lost fans should have got the ended they deserved after watching for 6 years.

      With the same characters, it has to be concluded.

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    • karan says

      Guys, I don’t think that they should make a 7th season but rather a second show. Kind of like a LOST 2. It could be the children of Lost who grow up and somehow they all end up getting back to the island. Like Aron, Zack, Emma, Ji Yeon, Walt etc. or something similar like that. I totally miss LOST so much and I really hope they make an amazing part two of LOST.

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  2. Jimmy says

    Season 6 really left a bad taste in my mouth. I would watch it if it came back no matter what, but I am interested in what way it would come back. Would it be a reboot, or a continuation, or maybe a spinoff?

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    • matt says

      wouldnt that be a good thing in a way? I mean I kinda hope it returns without him as long as it does the first 5 seasons justice (maybe remake the 6th season starting after the bomb goes off without Damon?). ALl i really have to say about Damon Lindelof is I hop he doesnt f*** up STar Trek. Please in the name of all that’s holydont let him ruin Star Trek

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  3. says

    I don’t know if they would be able to create lightning in a bottle twice, because it would be extremely difficult. But I sure wish it could happen.

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  4. Beeeeeshpls says

    Lost was a brilliant show until it became the worst show in history with a nonsensical ending, why would I go back to that??? this lindelof person maintains this is the story they wanted to tell…so whats the point of rehashing or continuing Lost. Its done, everyone died (except Aaron and Co) and met in Limbo, the island was just the waiting room?

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    • Ian S. says

      It boggles me how so many fans did not understand the ending. The island was REAL. Everything that happened MATTERED. The light in the middle of the island was the same light that would move people into the afterlife (what mother said) which is why if they didn’t stop the Man in Black (if he turned out the light) they would all go to hell! So basically, by saving the island, Jack ensured that one day, when everyone died, they could all meet up again and move on together into the afterlife. BEAUTIFUL ending and I pity you for completely missing it.

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      • Steve P. says

        Totally agree Ian – I think if more people understood the ending, there would be a more positive reaction to it. For me, it goes down as one of the best, most moving endings to any series I have ever watched. Sure, Lost didn’t wrap up every single loop-hole but I can’t think of any series as complex as Lost that ever has. But in terms of the ending, it leaves no doubt as to its meaning and the finality of those characters profiled in ‘that’ episode.

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    • john says

      Sorry brotha but it seems you have totally misunderstood the final season. The Island and everything that happened on it was REAL, Only the side story of season 6(Which accounted for about 6% of the show) was the afterlife. This is the precise reason so many were disapointed in “the end”…..They didnt get it. Long live Lost, Namaste.

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      • karan says

        I also wish they answered the question. Hopefully, If they do make a LOST 2.0 then they should answer those questions.

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  5. LLCoyote says

    I really never liked Jack so not having him come back would be ok for me. As for the plot? It got kind of tedious imo around season 5. It was still really great but I wouldn’t want to go back and rehash it.

    Without Ben, I don’t know if I could really watch this show. I kind of got addicted to him. I felt like there was a lot left unresolved with his character (and with others too).

    I’d like to see them try! It was an amazing show that I got really invested in. I just worry it’d be a let down, but I can always be wrong!

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  6. M says

    Had to check the date for April 1. A really interesting concept. They’re remaking old TV shows now, so who’s to say they won’t make a LOST movie in fifteen years. I hope they don’t.

    I’m not going back to the island.

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  7. Roadie says

    I think bringing Lost back would be a GREAT idea!

    I have to agree with some above comments… season 6 also left a bad taste in my mouth…

    I feel that they not only ruined a part of the show, but some of the characters. For example Sayid, Claire, even Locke as let’s face it… He wasn’t Locke anymore, he was the man in black. I also felt that they ruined certain relationships in the show like with Kate and Sawyer. I felt utterly annoyed and frustrated that they chose for Kate to be with Jack in the “church” and Juliet with Sawyer. If anything it made more sense for Juliet to be with Jack and for Kate to be with Sawyer at LONG LAST.

    I also got annoyed that Sayid was made to seem like a confusing character… He was fixated with finding his long lost “love” Nadia, then he started a relationship with Shannon, loved her, lost her, got off the island, found Nadia, loved and lost her, made a deal with the man in black to get her back but ended up with Shannon in the afterlife anyway?! What? :/

    I feel they messed up these relationships which was what lost was mainly about.

    Even if they all went to heaven, they showed dead people on the island anyway… And who knows… The island could be their “heaven”! :)

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    • JJ says

      Have to disagree with you there! Kate was always meant to be with Jack, Sawyer disrespected Kate on so many occasions during the shows run, especially with revealing to the others what she did that made her go on the run. I like Sawyer, but Jack and Kate were meant for each other. I really did like Sawyer and Juliet as a couple though, so to each there own I guess.

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  8. mjm says

    It would great to make a feature with alternative endings.. to open it back up again, like they all turn into Giant Polar Bears after they have caught a rare disease that makes you go mad.. Or they walk through the doors of likght at the end and they are all in a room where you have to push the button every 2 minutes..!! Bring it back… No one cares how you do it…!!

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  9. john says

    I am amazed so many people (And Journalists) still believe the complete nonsensical notion that LOST left “So many unanswered questions”. Seriously its so untrue. Hardcore Lostie.

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      • Gazza says

        If you ask the questions people who paid attention could give you the answers because THEY WERE ALL THERE.

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    • gwasa says

      no you know what,we need to understand how the it was, there are many types of endings,but in the matter of this season lets just take as it is…././//

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  10. Person Person says

    I think the series should continue, but not just from the current timeline (Hurley becoming protector of the island). Of course, they should still narrate that, but don’t base the next season completely off that. The season should skip around large periods of time without being to confusing or random. Go back to the islands inhabitants before the statue, the history of the island and its origins, how the man in black and Jacob got their powers, who set up the rules, etc. Introduce some plot twists, answer some questions. Lost could definetely get 1, if not even 2 or 3, quality seasons more. Especially if they introduced new plot points.

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  11. anonymous says

    Lost MUST come back, BUT it would be brilliant if the would make it a better storyline, (don’t get me wrong LOST in all the 6 seasons was brilliant) what should happen in the 7th season is a fresh start, time travel – yes, ancient civilisation – yes, different characters? yes but ONLY Richard alpert as he is very mysterious and would work well.. I think that the story should work around journey the the center on the earth

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  12. Rebekah says

    Season 5, episode 1 dr Marvin candle said that they were trying to achieve time travel at the orchid station. We all know they achieved that. So they could make a movie or another series with the entire cast by going back in time and solving issues. I know they all died but Ben didn’t. He could be the one to handle te time travel and run into the original cast because they jumped through time so much hen the wheel became loose.

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  13. Shala says

    I think they should definently bring lost back. I just spent my summer watching all 6 seasons and I’m completely addicted to watching lost. But I think it should come back with all the original characters. Jack was my favorite. So I think they should put out the 7th season that they had already filmed some of opt even all of and continue on after that. Lost was and is an amazing t.v series that I’m re-watching over and over again. (:

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  14. Xack Mac says

    LOST Should come back, in a seventh season showing us the answers to the questions the finale gave us.
    What did Hugo, Ben, Richard, Rose, and Bernard do on the island after the finale?
    What did the survivors do after the finale? Did they ever return to the island?
    What was Ben’s unfinished business?
    Did the Man in Black ever come back? Because M.I.B. represented evil and evil can never be erased completely.
    Did more people ever go to the island?

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  15. Dalton Jack says

    Season 7 plot: First, let’s take a moment to talk about season 6. The end pretty much demonstrated that ALL of the characters were dead, and they were in some kind of an afterlife. The one thing that has never set well with me with this was the fact the Ben and Hurley were left on the Island (Walt too, if you watched some of the internet shorts). The questions I’ve always had was, “How did they die?” We know how Jack and John died, as well as Juliette and some of the others. And we can probably reason a sensible death of some of the other characters (Kate, Sawyer, etc), but what about Hurley & Ben? What happened to them on the Island that led to their death? With that question, their is a possible premise to season 7.

    So for season 7, bring us back to the Island and allow Hurley and Ben to be the two main characters. Focus on their responsibilities of taking care of the Island: Guiding new arrivals and things of that nature. Then, throw in a group of “survivors” who are not really survivors (to be revealed), but have purposely crashed on the Island, pretending to be survivors, and have their eyes on taking it over in a series of well thought out steps. Int hat you have a struggle. In that you have a cast, a conflict, and a plot.

    Let it run for a few seasons (3-4) and end it with the death of Hurley (Ben would die sometime in Season 2 of the reboot) and the “new” inhabitants taking over the Island and have decided to use it for their own evil purposes.

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    • Rick Terry says

      My opinion: Hurley and Ben stayed for a while training Walt in all things Jacobian. Then after a while Hurley and Ben retired and left the island to live out the rest of their natural lives having handed the reins over to Walt. Season 7 would begin with that, but become a next generation type story with Walt as the new Jacob.

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  16. Andrea says

    Was able to watch all seasons night after night (phew) loved it to bits and all that, still dont get the ending at all…… wish they will do another season but we need the characters back all of em! Well most of them…

    really hope they dont make a new one with new characters and no old characters, it wouldnt be the same at all.

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  17. ECM says

    I would like to see a new cast introduced to the island. So much more can be done with a show like this. Maybe this time the cast are on the island in the distant past, and we can start to answer ancient mysteries. The new cast could land on a different section of the island, so no one knows the cast are in the past. There could be a collision of different time periods revealing more secrets with the DHAMA initiative. Varies unknown sites have also been transported back into the past along with the survivors. In different time periods there could be a smoky and Jacob type.

    You could go a different root. Perhaps the island is from the distant future and transported into the past slightly out of sync with the space time continuum. People have traveled back from the future but just like the terminator movies cannot travel back with anything that is not living. People from the future were able to send various ailments back into the past that are capable of creating eternal youth or even transporting someone’s intelligence into a smoke like being. The future transportation unit could only transport the people from the future back into the past one by one, but never to the same time. Each of the individuals did something on the island. Maybe Jacobs adopted mother (the one that killed his real mother) was one of the people from the future. She didn’t like others on the island because of dire consequences of changing important events in the past.

    Each person from the future created some kind of security system to protect the future. Since each person from the future were transported to the island a different points in time with no other persons present they needed to bring people to the island for company, but would only bring people to the island that would not be missed. Jack was on a destructive path, Kate would have gone to Jail, Hurley would have spent the rest of his time in a mental institution. The people from the future were aware of the fates of people from the past. The people from the future would know when and where a plane would crash and because of this safely transport the people to the island instead. A plane crashed but instead of no survivors some people survive, and this is only because technology on the island made it possible.

    Perhaps we could reveal more about Jacob and his time learning some of the secrets of the island, and maybe he was far from knowing it all. Maybe the DHAMA Initiative were not the only scientific researchers on the island with another group that were directly competing for the island’s secrets, but suffered the fate with maybe a survivor here and there.

    There could have been some experiment from one of the people that was transported from the future to the past preventing the consciousness of a person that died from leaving the island. Ghosts just don’t exist, so perhaps these ghosts are created with technology that exists on the island. All persons that ended up in limbo all died on the island in the end, and their trapped spirit conscious are forever trapped on the island. As are the consciousness of the people from the future.

    Maybe the new survivors eventually meet Hurly or Ben (this wouldn’t be until the end of the show) and we finally reveal what happened during the leadership of Hurly. We discover a new unknown evil (perhaps the consciousness of one of the people from the future) that wants everyone on the island dead. Many bad things that happens to the new survivors is all because of Hurly and Ben trying to stop the evil from winning. Perhaps the new survivors consider Hurly to be truly evil, but he is only doing what needs to be done. Perhaps the new evil intends to destroy all people in the world and Smoky was one of many plans to do that. Maybe Jacob was not the true leader of the island and another exists.

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  18. Marthinus says

    Hi. Ok, how do I say all the things I want to say with the least amount of words when it comes to LOST. First of all……. I loved it still love it and it will without a doubt be the best TV show I have ever seen. I sat for more then 30 minutes…….speechless and in awe on my coach, in South Africa, when it was done. I was so sad. Today I stumbled across this site and I must say, I am very pleased that there is even a slight possibility that LOST can return. I agree with Shala “enty on July 28th” I really don’t care what the story is about, as long as all the original actors and Hawaiian scenic back drop could still be in it and they stick with the mythology and mystery of the Island. If Lindelof can involve himself with this and give viewers the same warm Hawaiian feeling, and somehow get all the characters back including Mr. Eco, it will be even bigger then it initially was. More people all over the world now know about LOST. All of my friends only started watching LOST after it all was done. Renting it from DVD shops where it was booked out 12 weeks in advance. And all of them now also want more – more – more. (It is still so poplar here that it still needs to booked before you can rent it). I bought all the seasons and watched all 6 seasons 5 times. I’m sure all people all over the world would agree, that the show is also often used as a get together amongst friend – family and you can only imagine the fun all have by figuring it all out and hearing all their different views. The reason for my entry is not to tell you how good I think the show was. I think my passion and love for the show is clear. I see this as a forum where I can plead with Lindelof and ABC to just look into this idée and listen to what I am about to say. LOST can not be done yet! :-) Please be brilliant and make this happen? We need to tell people about this website so we can show ABC that viewers have a voice to. Apologies for the grammar. I’m an Afrikaans speaking dude, but I’m sure the message is clear!

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    • Darren C says

      Since they have all died why can’t season 7 start with some people on a ship and they detect something a on strange island ( the light) so they go and investigate. When they get there they see the plane wreckage and hunt for survivors and stumble upon the light and the smoke monster. Being scared they are convinced that that is what crashed the plane and killed everyone on board the plane so they leave the island and get the military involved and the president to decide to destroy the island. This is where the spirits of the original cast come back and try to save the island against the real world. This way we see all our favouties as well as some new casts. This is only a guide but i think it would work.

      Darren c

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  19. michael says

    I would be interested in seeing a new show set on the same island, that maybe answers some of the smaller questions, but I wouldn’t want to see them re-interpreting what already happened in LOST or trying to change anything. I also hate the idea of bringing back the old characters (except maybe the younger or unimportant ones), i would rather they just alluded to them. LOST is done and it was the greatest show i’ve seen, but everything has to come to an end sometime. Going back to the same characters and story would only lessen the impact of the original. If they really insist on doing it, then I’d like it to be just to fill in a few little plot holes while telling a new story.

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  20. connor jordan says

    Please make a series seven please i need it because its horrible i dont want to watxh anything else so please make a series seven…

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  21. Sam says

    Is there any way that there will be a season 7? If there will be, I will literally be the happiest person alive. This is more then just a show to me.

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  22. rm says

    absolutely, Pleeeeease bring it back. ill bet some of the old actors would be on board. doesnt matter how it ended, its LOST, they can go anywhere with a storyline. that is one show that have a looong run like M.A.S.H.

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  23. bradley blunt says

    OK…Possible plots!

    the plain with sawyer, kate and others taken off just to crash back further on the island.

    rose and bernard find a hole new chapter of the story: a new hatch from befor darma or how darma first descovered the island; another twisted secret in the island; ECT

    Island under attack.

    Recrution of new ‘others’ involving a hidded story of ben. or ben trying to take over hurley.

    And these are just ideas from the top of my head so if people actualy think about it then they could create a whole new section of lost.

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  24. Seph says

    BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    WITH ORIGNAL CHARACTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’m watching it all over again and i’m up to episode 12!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  25. Suburbankidoo says

    My favorite character was Mr.Eko and I remember how he used to say “Do you want to watch this one more time”
    Yes,it would be nice to have new seasons of this serie

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  26. says

    We have to have another season and i never want it to end you guys could make more episodes of jack, kate and sawyer and the love triangle will begin and see if kate loves jack more than sawyer or not in the beginning seasons i thought that jack and kate where a good couple but they always keep on fighting and no matter if they get together there is always someone in the way and you can see in the end that kate and sawyer are still in love with each other !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…-

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  27. Tarra says

    I would watch. I never saw Lost when it originally aired as I never got into primetime TV shows as much as I do now. I do wish I had watched it though. So I would be open to a reboot with maybe some of the same actors but would want it to be a remake so I get the whole show since I never saw it before.

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  28. Talyn151 says

    Yes – I am all for bringing the show back. 100%. Do it.

    Also… ” Tarra says:
    March 4, 2013 at 12:40 AM

    I would watch. I never saw Lost when it originally aired as I never got into primetime TV shows as much as I do now. I do wish I had watched it though. So I would be open to a reboot with maybe some of the same actors but would want it to be a remake so I get the whole show since I never saw it before.”

    Um…. Right now. Go to Project Free TV and watch them all, now. Every. Single. Episode.

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  29. Laurie says

    It needs to have a Season 7,8,9 etc immediately… I just watched the whole series from start to end within the last 2 weeks on Netflix, when it was over I immediately came to my computer searching for season 7, I was greatly disappointed to find that there was no results, I am hooked now and I need to continue as do many other fans.

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  30. Catherine says

    Lost should come back that island is so mysterious why can’t they just based more seasons on the thing that happen to mikal he came back so Wat if these people come back to life and well they all come back and they have to find a way to leave but they have to do something so that when they leave they would still be alive

    And they can do something with like they have to summon Jacob so that he can help them or something

    Or they have to go back in time to stop Jacob from creating that smoke monster out of his brother

    Or while they were dead there r more people on the island like the others taking orders from Hugo but they were bad people

    I don’t care how they do it just bring lost back

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  31. lostfan!!!!!! says

    If lost come back, I have alot of ideas to the plot.
    If the whole season is about what happends with hugo and ben after season six, they could start by getting desmond home, then they recruit walt to join them, like in the epilogue when ben picks up walt and bring him to a dharma van with hugo, they ask him if he wants a job…

    meanwhile james, kate, lapidus, richard, miles and claire crashes again and team up with bernard and rose. then when hugo and ben get back they all teamup and get each their jobs to protect the island, in which the man in black comes back to life and wants to finish what he started: kill the rest of the survivors and destroy the island, so then a new war is decleared.

    lets say the seventh season contains about 18 episodes, then it could be like this:
    episode list:
    1:a new begining- hugo and ben starts their job to bring desmond home, meanwhile lapidus loose control in the ajira flight and crashes in the water. hugo and ben takes desmond’s sailboat to get him home.

    2:the group that where on the plane floats in the ocean towards the island again. rose and bernard look for everybody alse, not knowing or understanding what happend to the island, they find the rest of the temple people, who ran into the jungle after locke and jack got attacked on the beach?… hugo and ben arrives in los angeles and get desmond back to penny. episode title examples: “home”, “floating”, or “the aftermath”.

    3:james, kate, claire, richard, miles and lapidus arrives to land and team up with rose, bernard and the rest of the temple people. they discuss for a long time what to do and where to camp, but when agreed, they start a journey to the beach camp. james becomes the group leader, for a little while. meanwhile hugo and ben recruits walt for a job on the island, then they book plane tickets to go back to the island. titles for episode: the team up, recruitment….

    4:on james’ group journey to the beach camp, they find jack dead in the bamboo field and make a quick descision to take him to the beach camp and bury him by the other graves. then they start making new shelters and tents, this time they dont know how long they’ll be staying.
    when hugo, ben and walt are about to board the plane, desmond come running claiming that its his purpose to live on the island, so he and penny decide to join them, their kid charlie also joins. on the island, we see the man in black still dead, but not looking like locke, then he opens his eyes and rises like he has some unfinished buisness to take care off. episode title examples: life and death, clean slates, new camp, the man in black rises…

    5:the group at the beach camp plans to eighter go hunting or take all the food from the dharma barracks, they decide to do both, a group led by richard go hunting while another group led by james go to take the rest of the food in the barracks. the plane that hugo, ben, walt, desmond, penny and charlie is on lands safetly on hydra island, where they find the last row boat, which they use to get to the main island. meanwhile the man in black journey trough the jungle to recruit a team of the remaining “others”. name examples for this episode: island return, man in black’s recruits, the hunters…

    6:while taking the boat toward the main island, hugo’s group find sayid, jin and sun floating dead in the water along with submarine wreckage. hugo, as the new jacob is capable of healing them so he brings them and he’ll heal them later. meanwhile the beach campers watch hugo and his group coming back, then the group gets completed.

    7:hugo holds a speach to the beach campers about the plane on hydra island, which they can use anytime, but only if hugo allows them. hugo starts being the leader of the beach campers and the passengers on the new plane. the man in black starts leading the remainers of the others but wants richard and ben on his team so he plans to stop by the beachcamp to recruit ben and richard, but he doesnt know that a fight will stop them. hugo bring sayid, jin and sun back to life in front of everyone and then kate asks if hugo can do that with jack as well, episode ends…

    8: episode title:return of the leader-james, kate and richard digg up jack’s grave so hugo can try to bring him back to life. when he fails, he just let jack lay next to his grave, while hugo figures out what to do next, and then man in black’s group arrives and a fight gets fought. man in black is now mortal but nobody try to kill him. when ben and richard refuse to join the man in black, he picks up jack and carry him with him.. later on jack wakes up, doesnt remember anything, and the MIB makes jack think they are friends, episode ends.

    I dont know what alse that can happend, but anyways, jack becomes a member of MIB’s team without knowing thats the dark side. later, maybe jack meets kate and gets deja vu and flashback so he realise that he’s on the wrong team, then maybe hugo’s team declear war against MIB and his group. i really dont know what alse can happend or how the season can end, but this is my idea’s to what can happend if lost season 7 comes.

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  32. Ap says

    I would absolutely love more seasons but, how would they go about doing this? I’m afraid it would end like the last season of scrubs you had a lot of the same people but it was just crap, which would make me more upset.

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  33. shaun says

    Lost was definatly the best show ever! goes without sayin haha if lost was brought back it would have to be done very carefully. And with new characters? maybe.

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  34. Mary says

    I would love to see another Lost show I’m a die-hard fan watched all seasons and was so sad to see it end. I did love the ending and all the seasons. I unlike some believe the island was a place of redemption for most of the losties so whether you believe they were really alive (I don’t) or, dead still believing they were alive their story ended, as much as I’d love to see them all come back and we can continue to watch their next journey it’s never going to happen. They are all actors and this was a job for them most of the bigger cast has moved on and will never do another Lost TV Show. I like all the story lines everyone posted for a season 7. My daughter said to me why can’t they just do another Lost series and start all new story lines with the other 48 or so survivors? Then they can have guest appearances of some of the other actors. I know we know some answers on what we believed the island to be but there is still allot of mystery left open to create more adventures and suspense with all new characters. I Love Lost always, best show I’ve ever watched! I for one am glad they didn’t answer every question if they did it would of taken away the mystery of the island! I like that they left it up to each viewer to basically believe in their own ending and what the island meant for each lostie & viewer. After Lost ended (sad) I didn’t want to have them do a movie or another series because it would mess up the orignal. But honestly with all the shows that have come out trying to be another Lost (all horrible) I’d rather have them just do antoher Lost it won’t ever be as good but it’s got to be better than the junk that’s been out over the last 3 years.

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  35. Holloways Girl says

    Although I’d love to see that sexy piece of Sawyer and everyone else back on set, I’m afraid that there wouldn’t be anything else to write about, because mostly everything got wrapped up in the season finalie- which was a quite pathetic ending.

    They crash on a mysterious, magical island, spend 6 seasons on it, and then they all just die! It was all for nothing. Not only would season 7 have nothing to write about, I guarantee the full original cast of LOST wouldn’t be interested in making a new season, and, let’s face it, name a TV show that re-casted and ACTUALLY ended up as successful and utterly awesome as it was previously.

    But- When I began watching season 4, I remember thinking to myself; how on EARTH are they going to pull this off!? And I was wrong! I think that if they can create such a unique and amazing TV show out of the most unimaginable things, they can pull of a season 7. I’ve cried rivers over LOST and I believe that it’s not the last time I will.


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  36. says

    As a late 30 year old, fed up of countless game shows, trash soaps and tv in general, when LOST was shown it intrigued me and opened my imagination.

    The upset came when channel four lost rights and it moved to sky. That really pissed me off. So if it is rebooted – I hope t god its accessible on free view.

    LOST has been the best series I can ever remember.. since the days of the Six Million Dollar Man etc.

    I have bought on DVD the whole series and left in my will that my now 7 year old son watches the whole series.

    It deals with proper morals and principals objectively as well as thought provoking with a broad range of opportunity to engage and relate to the characters.

    LOST 7 or 8 as long as it has a similar story line concept would be successful. It could be a ship, car, coach or even a car crash.

    Either way it will remain as a brilliant part of my life and I hope that many others will have an opportunity to value its concept.


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  37. L. Massey says

    I was happy with the way Lost ended, but I could go for a kind of “Lost: The Island Revisited” series. The idea being that we go back in time on the island and get to see the experiences of earlier island castaways, or what the island was like pre-Jacob. Somebody write a pilot!

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  38. LindseyLovesLost says

    We need another season of Lost!!!!!! It was soooo good and it needs to come back!! Even with different characters it would be great…But I would prefer the original cast…

    I think they should have a miniseries called Life After Lost and it would touch upon all of the characters in heaven… Sawyer and Juliet could have a little blonde girl and Charlie and Claire can have 6 year old Aaron and Jack and Kate can have a little black haired boy. I don’t know what they would do in it, but I would watch it!

    But they should definitely have a seventh season and Sawyer <3, Kate, Claire, Frank (Lapidus), Richard and Miles should return to the island to help Ben and Hurley keep the island safe.

    P.S. Suliet Forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  39. LindseyLovesLost says

    Oh yeah, and I’m watching it for the third time now on Netflix and I am sooo getting it on dvd for Christmas!!!

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  40. says

    I have seen all the 6 seasons of Lost twice already in the past four months. I am addicted to it. It is the most gripping serial I have ever seen. Please bring out season 7.

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  41. says

    As long as the island still exists, and many of the old characters almost anything could be possible. Maybe the earth quakes from 6 could open up older truths about the island. Hurly power could bring Jack back right before he is dead all the way. Jack gets sick of Ben and throws him down into the light and becomes the next smoke monster,,, that’s scary!! It would be nice to have a new hybrid experimental outfit try to get the ultimate power out of the island again, with very dangerous experiments. I have no idea what could happen with Lost but It sure seems to me that whatever they would come up with will be just as great as the first go around. I guess we will need another flash of light and the jet is forced to land in the water next to the island, we need some of those people to protect the island again. I agree that it was a very good show, just watched it again.

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  42. Hugh Jass says

    I’m glad there is so much L O S T love out there still. I have rewatched twice on NetFlix and am currently doing the Chronological Edit rewatch (a very interesting way to see the show. There is a facebook page called “Chronologically Lost” if anyone is interested.)

    I’m sure once I am done with my current rewatch, I’ll go back in and do it again.

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  43. says

    Chronological Edit looks cool, I may watch that next, Game of Thrones looks like a good show, I have season one some place, I may check on what they have gone up to, maybe Game of Thrones 3 by now. It’s hard to find anything as good as lost, but I keep looking.

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  44. Russ says

    I love lost… And i search continuously for extras or outakes, or anything to bring back that feeling. I feel like Jack taking those flights over and over again. Looking for a way to get back. Bring it back, please.

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  45. James says

    If upcoming shows like 24 and Heroes can return after taking a long break and still remain popular and profitable, then I think it’s more likely that ABC will seriously consider bringing back Lost.

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  46. justin says

    I would love to see it come baxk and would really enjoy a film or two of the island life before the plane crashed. How darma came to island and all. I kno it shows bits and pieces but want more

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  47. injiktoplqkto says

    LOST was (my bad) IS one of the greatest shows I have ever seen.
    I pretty much dislike this disrupted and FORCED ending.
    They should have made it long with one, two and maybe more season.
    How many crappy tv series kept being renewed but LOST … got short.
    WE ( at least I) want better ideas, better ending and longer suspense.

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  48. Thabo says

    I have never seen such a best series like this one. The best ever, I also keep on repeating it time and again. We need more seasons. Jack must be there.

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