DALLAS Season 2 Gets January 2013 Launch, Teaser Online


Dallas delivered for TNT, so much so that the rebooted series was renewed for a second season after only a handful of episodes. Today, the cable network has confirmed that Season 2 will move from the summer to test its mettle much earlier in the year — January 2013.

Here’s the teaser:

Dallas will not only move but also expand to 15 episodes, as previously announced. We’ll of course bring you the exact premiere date when it is announced.


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  1. Kimberly Irby says

    I loved the original Dallas n this new Dallas was even better n i cant wait 4 Season 2 in January.

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  2. says

    Wow was that a great season or what but why such long wait for season two? I watched Dallas since it aired in the 70s and the Dallas kept it’s sence of spice and maybe even a little evil,did Jr ever age with his long eyebrows.

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  3. t says

    I really like the new dallas but i would love to see some blacks on the show. And please dont give them a little notice to a role. Times have change and adding to what you already have would be great. I would also like to see Bobby and Jenna Wade son come into Dallas. You have done an excellent job with Christopher and John Ross. I hope Bobby, J.R. and Sue Ellen continue to stay but I’m not to sure about Ray and Lucy. Lucy was okay but she needs a little more if she’s going to be be around. I still love the show and continue the great way. Also love the new design of the home and the theme song. GO DALLAS

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  4. Carol says

    My only gripe is that it is way too far between seasons. I loved loved loved the new Dallas, but if you spread it out so far, people might lose interest. Just my opinion. The show is great though!

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