DA VINCI’S DEMONS Creator On Letting Dracula Take A Bite Out Of The Serialized Fantasy

da vinci's demons

Da Vinci’s Demons creator David S. Goyer has opened up on the historical figures that will be woven into the Starz historical fantasy’s first season — which will feature a smaller story within a larger story that could span numerous seasons.

Speaking to IGN, Goyer teased the arrival of Vlad Dracula and his possibly supernatural attributes:

Well, without revealing too many spoilers, I really like our Vlad. I think we’ve managed to depict a side of him that hasn’t really been depicted filmically before. I think he kind of skirts the edge — I think we’ll let people decide whether he’s a supernatural figure or not; he kind of skirts that edge. He certainly wants people to believe he is. One of the things that’s also interesting about Vlad is that people don’t realize that he and his brother were held hostage by the Ottoman Empire. Their father actually served them up as hostages, and they spent time in prisons when they were young. His brother actually converted to Islam, and he ended up fighting against his brother. So even though he was a monster, we’re also sort of showing his backstory and explaining why he became that monster, which is interesting.

da vincis demons

As for other historical figures who will cross paths with Da Vinci:

We know that Da Vinci was friends with Machiavelli when he was older, but they actually lived in Florence at the same time. They certainly would have met when they were younger, so once I realized that I thought it would be interesting to have Da Vinci working alongside a young Nico Machiavelli — essentially Machiavelli before he became Machiavelli. Even the character of Zoroaster is historical. He’s a real person. There’s not much written about him, but they say that he was a grave robber and self-avowed spiritualist and metalsmith. He’s this really shady figure that was supposedly Da Vinci’s best friend. I just thought there had to be some story behind why Da Vinci would be friends with such a disreputable person.

On the show’s chapter-driven approach to serialization:

We’re treating the season as — there are absolutely continuing elements. But we sat down, and I kind of figured out the basic story for what the first five seasons would be. You know, Season 1 is the story about this, and Season 2 is the story about that. I think that helps if you know what you’re working towards at the end of a season.

You can read lots more at IGN.

Da Vinci’s Demons premieres April 12 on Starz.

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