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Why write for Seriable.com?

Are you passionate about serialized television? Do you have strong opinions on serialized TV and the format? Are you looking to hone your writing and increase your exposure? Do you want to spark conversation and experience the world of serialized television with millions of other fans?

We’re looking for writers like YOU to share your unique take on serialized television with our ever growing audience.

Write about specific serials or any number of broader serial talking points:

We’re looking to add the following to our awesome team:

  • Reviewers/recappers for serialized shows (past and present)
  • Serialized TV article writers
  • Featured article writers

Just want to write?

Have some free time and just want to share your passion for serial? Want to contribute daily or weekly Seriable  updates/reviews? Fancy writing larger articles every month? Seriable is your passport.

Want to guest blog on Seriable?

Do you already have an established TV blog or are you trying to get your TV-related site off the ground? We accept guest bloggers on Seriable.com. You can add a link to your existing site in your author profile box which is attached to each of your published posts.


We currently only have volunteer (non-paid) positions, however Seriable.com reaches thousands of readers daily and we are part of an ever growing network of TV websites. This is a great opportunity to hone your talents, increase your audience and add further value to Seriable and our readers.

Have fun!

We have a lot of fun writing about the shows we love here at Seriable. Why not be a part of that – break out your passion and share it with Team Seriable and our audience!


Share knowledge of serialized TV. Inform. Enlighten. Start conversation. Entertain. In addition you must:

  • Have passion and dedication to serial: Whether you’re writing about specific serials or the serialized TV in general you need to have a burning passion!
  • Be creative: Keep striving for originality, don’t be afraid to let your imagination take hold.
  • Enjoy writing: It’s a no brainer, but you must be dedicated to writing about serial.

Does this sound like you? If you would like to contribute to Seriable.com, please use the form below and we’ll be happy to consider your application.

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  • This is your opportunity to let us know your passion for serial, why you'd like to write for us and what you think you can bring to the site.
  • Enter links to your online TV-related writing samples that you would like to be considered with this application. At least two writing samples are required (separate using comma). If you don't have online samples, please attach samples using the below option.
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