COMIC-CON: DEXTER Season 7 Sneak Peek Reveals What Happens Next


Showtime played a 2-minute sneak peek from the upcoming seventh season of Dexter during the show’s Thursday Comic-Con panel.

As expected, the Season 7 picks up right where we left off last time, with Debs catching Dex in the unholy act of plunging a knife into Travis. What happens next? Check it out below:

Debs reacts as I expected, she’s shaken but draws her gun and demands an explanation from Dex. Dex? He has an answer for everything, illustrating why he’s got away with his crimes for so long — it’s “second nature” (though he’s probably doing himself a disservice there). Within that, there’s also a touch of menace to Dex, almost as though he’s still on auto pilot and is prepared, if necessary, to put out this latest fire.

It wont come to that, of course, though depending on whether or not Debs accepts Dex for who he is, her safety around him could be an ongoing question.

Meanwhile, Showtime has released a recap of Season 6, which you can watch below:

We’ll have more from the Dexter panel throughout the day.

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