COMIC-CON 2012: ONCE UPON A TIME Panel Revelations


After a debut season that evoked something of a game-changer, Once Upon A Time rolled into Comic-Con for the second time full of spoilery reveals ahead of its second season.

Here are the best revelations and talking points gleaned from the Once panel on Saturday:

  •  The narrative structure of the first season will remain intact, there’ll be a blend of ‘super structure’ episodes and standalones tales with thematic reflections to the bigger story. Co-creator Edward Kitsis: “The show is not going to change from the one you loved last season — we’re still going to go back and forth and meet new characters along the way.”
  • There ongoing bleed through between FTL and Storybrooke will help explore why “certain things came over and why.” (for ex. Snow White’s coffin underneath Storybrooke).
  • A collection of Season 2 title cards revealed the new characters. As we shared earlier, Captain Hook is coming in Season 2. He’ll also be joined by Jack from Jack and the Beanstalk (and others that we already know about). The main characters are still the core, with Kitsis noting “you’re going to meet these characters through the ones you’re already in love with.”
  • We’ll find out who Henry’s father is. Jennifer Morrison already knows the identity but she’s keeping mum like Mary. Kitsis joked that his father is “Goofy”.
  • We’ll discover the fate of Rumples’ son Bae — last seen swallowed up by a giant green portal — in Season 2.
  • The identity of Dr. Whale will also be revealed in the upcoming season.
  • As speculated earlier, Kristen Bauer van Straten‘s Maleficent could return.
  • Kitsis questions whether fairytale land even exists anymore: “who knows if there’s [anything to go back to?]”
  • Ginnifer Goodwin believes the first episodes back will rock fans’ socks: “I never could have conceived of the brilliance of the first few scripts. As an audience member it’s exactly what I’d want to see.”
  • A spoof video for a Storybrooke dating site was aired — check it out below:

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