COMIC-CON 2012: NIKITA Full Panel Video, Season 3 Scoop, Sizzle Reel


One of the most anticipated seriable panels took place on Thursday, as the cast and producer of the CW’s Nikita previewed Season 3. Here’s what went down, including Season 3 revelations, sizzle reel and the full panel video..


Melinda Clarke, Aaron Stanford, Lyndsey Fonseca, Shane West, Maggie Q, and executive producer Craig Silverstein.


  • The theme of Season 3 is “family.” Silverstein said:

“They’ve got this home now, a home [Nikita] didn’t expect to find. It’s watching them come together and get fractured.”

  • The premiere episode, titled “3.0”, takes place a month after the finale. Nikki’s mission sees her head to Hong Kong where she’ll meet Jeffrey Pierce (who played Jack Sylvane on Alcatraz), the episode’s antagonist.
  • Disappointingly though not too shockingly, the start of the season will be more standalone in nature. According to Silverstein:

“They’re going after all these rogue agents from Division that Percy created. Each one is a window into a different world. We’ve got some really great bad guys.”

  • Recently promoted series regular Devon Sawa (Owen) will appear in the fourth episode of the new season. Questions surrounding Owen’s absense from the raid on Division will be answered. EP Craig Silverstein said:

“He’s going to come back with a mystery and an agenda.”

  • With Ryan running the day-to-day Division while Nikki goes out on the field, Maggie Q teases a new dynamic between the pair next season:

“I think Nikita being behind a desk all day would have been less interesting for [fans], so as partners, there’s a new dynamic. You’ve got the more administrative [in new Division head Ryan] and as you know Nikita has a huge problem with authority. She’s got to make Ryan happy. That’s going to cause a little [drama] — he has a job to do and she does too — so we’ll see [how it works out].”

  • Nikita’s new Division army may bring some awkward moments because “she killed half of them” joked Silverstein, adding “obviously there are a few who have scores to settle.” Hmm..
  • Clarke on Amanda: “She’s in the position Nikita was in the first season,” though this wont be for long as the show will build up to her return, Silverstein teased. Amanda’s “singular obsession” is to catch Nikita, and this makes Alex a bigger target, hints Fonseca. Silverstein confirms Amanda as the main antagonist of Season 3.
  • Mikita will meet with new conflict but not before fans are treated to a moment of steamy proportions: “You’re going to have a shower scene at some point,” teased Silverstein. With West saying of Michael’s storyline: “I think people are going to be pleasantly surprised and maybe shocked”.
  • Fonseca says of Alex: “The season is going to start out very confusing for [Alex] because she doesn’t have anywhere to hide.”That said, she has Sean for comfort, though paradise might not last forever.
  • As for Birkhoff and Sonya’s simmering romance, Standford says: “There might be a bit of new tension between [them] that wasn’t there before.”
  • *Gulp* Get ready for a female version of Roan *Gulp*
  • Silverstein says Percy (Xander Berkeley) could still come back through flashbacks.

Here’s the Nikita Season 3 Sizzle Reel that was shown at the start of the panel. No new footage but it’s hot nonetheless:

And here’s the panel video (split into four parts) [via: becrias]:


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Season 3 premieres Friday, October 19 on the CW

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