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Person Of Interest Season 4: Finch’s ‘New Way To Be With The Machine’?

Michael Emerson has teased Finch’s new relationship with the Machine in Person Of Interest Season 4. At Comic-Con, Emerson explained Finch’s disownership of the Machine as he struggles to come to grips with the Samaritan world order, before cryptically hinting that he may find “a new way to be with” his wayward creation. He told Zap2It: […]


Outlander Split Season Planned Out, Sets Up Massive Cliffhanger

Outlander executive producer Ronald D.  Moore has confirmed that he planned for the show’s split season, even though the decision to break the first season into two parts was only recently announced by Starz. Speaking at Comic-Con, he assured TVLine that the split season model works naturally with the story and sets […]


LOST 10 Year Anniversary Celebration Video Revisits Memorable Moments

LOST made its world premiere at Comic-Con 10 years ago this past weekend, and to commemorate the drama’s anniversary, ABC released a new video featuring some of the most memorable LOST moments. From Locke’s delightful orange smile, to Desmond’s ill-timed well-timed bathroom break, to Frozen Donkey Wheels and “Kate, Dammit, RUN!,” relive some of […]

arrow season 3

Arrow Season 3 Extended Trailer Featuring Ra’s al Ghul As Main Villain

ARROW fans at the Warner Bros. Television Presents a Night of DC Entertainment event on Saturday, July 26, at Comic-Con 2014 were in for a special treat. Series star (and the event’s master of ceremonies) Stephen Amell pressed play on the previously released preview trailer from the action-packed series’ upcoming […]