BURN NOTICE: Bruce Campbell Wants Seven Seasons, Eight Could Be ‘Complicated’


Bruce Campbell believes seven seasons would be the ideal amount of time to bring Burn Notice to a satisfying conclusion, but warns of the perils of an eighth chapter.

Campbell, who has played covert operative and ex-Navy SEAL Sam Axe on the USA spy drama since 2007, told Digital Spy that he has another season left in him:

“I’m good, I’ll take season seven. We’re halfway through six now. I’ll go seven seasons… that’s all you need to tell. That’s plenty of stories. That’s plenty.”

He believes seven seasons would be “perfect” for the show to wrap things up (likely putting it within the famed 100 episode threshold), noting that negotiating an eighth season could get “complicated”:

“Oh yeah, seven would be perfect. Once you get to eight, people want too much money, people get tired and get crabby. You’re going to lose an actor… some guy is going to hold out for too much money. It always gets complicated.

But [..] If we knew the seventh season was the last one, then you could really gear yourself towards that – for that seventh and last season, you’re really going for it.”

Burn Notice airs its midseason 6 finale on Thursday, August 23 on USA. Catch the promo here.

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  1. zack says

    I loved the season finale of season 7 burn notice it was the best episode yet, but it was also sad too. You should make more seasons of burn notice. Everyone I know loves it and its there favorite show of all time. Other people I know even love it. There could be the season preview of season 8 that Mike’s mom makes it out of the house alive. There should be more seasons of burn notice its the best show ever. If not u should make a show like it with all the same cast, characters and make it good like burn notice.

    Well-loved.: Thumb up 22

    • Noah says

      Madeline is dead that’s the fucking worst idea I’ve ever fucking heard. You have no right to be a burn notice fan. It’s sad yes but she is dead her body blew up with a fat block of c4. It sucks yes but there’s no possible way for her to have lived. I mean Jesse was in the house when it happened. Second, another show with same characters would be horrible, the cast is great together but if we saw another show with all of them we would just compare it to burn notice and look at it as shit! Third an 8th season would be great if there was a story to actually do. They might make an eight season and if they did I would probably cry and watch it all in one day. Burn Notice is the best show ever and I wish you never even saw a single second of it because yu said stupid ass shit like that. “Everyone I know loves it” “other people I know even love it” your a fucking idiot and I will find you and ruin your life Michael Westen style.

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  2. says

    Burn Notice needs to have, at least 15 seasons. Why?, the CIA is getting into some thing bigger than them selves thinking James is the main man. Western is becoming the main boss with Sonia yet behind Micheal’s head, its like he believes there is another big man than James, and he doesn’t want to expose it to his friends, the CIA and the mom hence betraying them kind of. Micheal is a good spy. another thing after realizing that the CIA cooperated with Simon, Micheal wants a revenge to the CIA and Michael has an idea that the main man is from CIA AFTER KILLING CARD HE STARTED doubting ALL THE OPERATIONS FROM THE AGENCY. so we need to continue and see whether Western will clean the CIA using James’s Network.

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    • Noah says

      Okay first off he could do all that in one season. Second that’s the fucking worst idea I’ve ever heard. Sonya is dead, James is dead. Burke is dead. All the main operatives are dead. Michael Westen just wants one thing and one thing only Fiona Glenanne and his friends alive. I see where your coming from, but now all michael wants ois he CIA out of his life. He personally shot Sonya and he was about to bring James to the CIA not for his organization but just so he can finally get them out of his life. Michael is a bad guy for good reasons but he’s also a good guy for bad reasons. That’s what the show is about. Michael doubted the agency his entire life, but he was a spy he thought “the ends justify the means”. Michael Westen can’t use James network anyway he’s an enemy to them. He killed all of there operatives now there’s nobody calling the shots. Besides forget everything I just said.

      Burn Notice is over sadly. I would love to see an eighth season which might happen, I’m pretty sure after the fourth season they were going to end the series but kept going so it can continue but it would be tough to right, he has Charlie now and it’s just complicated.

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  3. says

    As far as Bruce Cambell remarks. We only know him as an actor. And all TV shows do eventually have to come to an end. I am certain there may be other interaction between the actors off stage as well as the creative team.

    But that said in the end I would like to additional episodes. I am guessing TV movies and maybe big screen movies. Think good thoughts and make it so.

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    • Page 48 says

      They did the Sam Axe prequel, which I enjoyed. I don’t really know what the purpose of a single movie was. We know there was plenty of history with Michael and Fiona that could have been explored in a prequel of their own. It would be nice to see more BN someday.

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  4. says

    I want Burn Notice back, had my eyes full of tears in the season 7 finale, pls guys bring Burn Notice back, i felt a special connection with all the characters, i feel sad.

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  5. lanie says

    please bring burn notice back. i have been working hard contacting other networks to pick it up . if u love burn notice then flood oprah winfrey network and glen beck with letters telling them to pick it up . help help to bring burn notice back. totally miss it.

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  6. Chris says

    I only recently discovered “Burn Notice” airing as reruns on ION. Watched about two seasons’ worth of episodes and then it was abruptly taken off. I wish I had followed it from its inception on USA. One of the best series ever, and I would love to see it return for at least a few more seasons with the original cast, who are simply magical together. Even a rumored spin-off series featuring the Sam and Coby characters with frequent guest appearances by the characters or a series of made-for-television movies would work.

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  7. tj says

    I have watched all 112 episodes and been completely hooked since day one. But I do not believe that the season 7 finale could be the last episode. There is to much unanswered questions that needs to be answered me and my girlfriend were glued to the TV when the show was on. We weren’t even aloud to watch it if the other wasnt present lol. But we def want to see at lease 3 more sseasons. The last show kept u hanging off the edge of our seats the entire time and ended in such a way as to letting the viewers know there will be more to come. Now I’m reading articles about the show not returning. I just think u should at least put it on again so it has a satisfying end that doesn’t make you think there is more to come. Michael needs to unhinge the rest of the CIA and show the rest of the dirty agents. There is a lot more to the “Burn Notice Story” to be told let us find out the rest. Urs like paying for a a main event fight on pay per view and ur electricity goes out at the beginning of the main event the fight u put ur money into. All I’m saying is Michael, Fiona, Jesse, Sam, and even lil charlie have more to show and more to tell.. Please bring Burn Notice back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • Noah says

      I agree we need to bring Burn Notice back but no suggestions to the show! Think about it, if we wrote that show it would have probably been shit! Only matt nix knew what he was doing. The show definitly deserves a 8th season and I’ve seen every episode probably six times each and my favorites ten times each. I love burn notice more than any movie or show that has ever came out. I love burn notice.
      Please bring it back

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