BSG: BLOOD & CHROME May Revert Back To Web Series


When Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome was first announced, it was as a 10-part online web series.  But upon the cancellation of Caprica, Syfy announced that it would be coming to broadcast as a 2-hour backdoor pilot for a potential TV series.  Now, it seems, Syfy is second-guessing that decision.

According to AOL TV, Mark Stern has seen a rough cut of the production, and is still weighing the decision of whether to air it as a TV-movie or a web series.  While this comes as a bit of unexpected news to me, it’s not a shock, because there are many reasons to believe that the numbers simply wouldn’t be there to sustain a TV production.  The numbers for Battlestar Galactica were never wonderful, and they continually sunk as the series went on.  The numbers for Caprica were absolutely abysmal, possibly indicating some franchise fatigue.

Especially when Live + 7 numbers are all that counts for TV-broadcasting, Syfy may be able to expand their market power by using a per-view model for each 5-10 minute online episode.  (Science fiction fans are notorious for DVR viewing, online viewing, and doing all the wrong things to get their shows canceled.)

In addition to all of the aforementioned factors, the way for premium web content is being paved by upcoming productions like H+, and certainly, if any show could last several seasons on the internet, it would be a Battlestar Galactica show.  The only downside I could see to this is that a season on the internet would be smaller than a typical trial-run of 13 episodes for a season of TV, but I could see them expanding a second online season for Blood & Chrome well beyond just another two-hours.

I daresay, this could be the jump-start that the mainstream web series genre needs!  Very exciting stuff!

What do you think?  Would you like to see Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome as a web series?

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  1. WaySeeker says

    This is the first I have heard of this show. What is it? I saw the new BSG and have it on Blu-Ray. I didn’t really watch much of Caprica tho.

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    • wildheart says

      Blood & Chrome is something a prequel to BSG, that takes place after Caprica (which I didn’t like that much either) in the first war. Supposedly, ‘it takes the series back to its space opera roots.

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  2. wildheart says

    I think its been a year since I heard anything about Blood and Chrome. Despite never having watched BSG, I’m very excited about the proposed new series. I can imagine Blood and Chrome to be the Syfy channel’s new flagship series, if they did it right. But online? Although science-fiction fans tend to use resources like that more than any other crowd, I still think not enough people have fast enough internet. Even if I want to watch a video, I have to wait till after eleven o’clock to keep my internet from dieing in the process. I question if an online viewing would give B&C the budget it needs to live up the potential I see in it.
    Either way, online or no, I wish they would hurry up and start producing it.

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  3. KnightChatX says

    British Purchasing SciFi Content and Licensing, Etc..:
    Being a main funder for alot of the SciFi shows in US/Canada/Austrailia and with the success of older Battlestar Galactica episodes, Star Trek like Star Trek: Enterprise, and Stargate SG1 and Atlantis airings more recently, British companies are buying all the old scifi show related content, licensing, services, trademarks, and rights to air them to show the old shows on their networks and possibly air the new future series episodes on their own broadcast networks as well. This is happening and so alot of websites featuring such SciFi content often has the UK definition linked to it now.

    Might Be Actor Issues Placement Issues:
    There might be some actor placement issues, I believe the actor that played the younger Adama already in one of the newer movies wants to be Adama in the series and felt he had the role down and already established with the previous success as the younger Adama, on the otherhand, the information has changed on the main actor placement on online movie databases and has a more complete cast listing now but doesn’t include the original young Adama that was listed before so if they started filming and changed mind at last minute that would definately set things back for any major charactor/actor changes.

    Some of the previous links on some sites have some of the actors names highlighted in red and information links removed, though imdb’s seems fine.

    Lili Bordan won her role on ‘Blood & Chrome’ supposedly by filming her own demo, in reference to the previous Caprica series she is Graystone Industries employee named Dr. Becca Kelly, that right there should give plenty of hint. The currently listed young Adama actor is British.

    Broadcasting Networks Losing Money and Time Slot Problems:
    Another thing is SciFi channel has been dropping alot of shows lately and quiet regularly and everyone knows this, as many popular broadcasting companies are having trouble covering show costs and maintaining proper timing slots for shows. And if they have too many shows going sametime they couldn’t possibley cover the time slots properly and keep funding steady even if they did really well, which has been the case with more recent newer series cancellations.

    If Downgraded, It Might Be Due to Cost or Quality of Acting and/or Visuals:
    The series visuals may go way beyond Avatar’s Visual Quality if presented properly in 3D.

    While I haven’t heard anything about downgrading, if it was originally meant to be web series and format was handled like it, or if there was a problem with funding the higher end speciakl effects and the actors acting quality, or if they wanted to go the route of shows like Sanctuary in how things are handled production wise, then it’s possible a downgrade to web series might be the case, but so far the listings have been showing Season 1 Episode 1 on TV and British companies have show interest after success of airing the older Battlestar Episodes and have mentioned the possibility of airing the next show’s episodes as well, so there might be alot of managing going on and changing of directions.

    Could Be Just More Development Time Needed:
    A show such as this you would have high expectations for, for the actors, acting, storyline, and sounds, and visuals. There’s alot involved in this process, and much of the set infrastructure was previously torn down and some of it copied digitally, and with funding, they will be balancing out how much of what do they use for real world elements physical and the virtual elements of set or item digital recreations. The remake of Battlestar Galactica itself was a huge hit, so they might need more time to get it all setup and going again, especially with the previous Caprica direction which was bit of a young and emotional curve ball, in which there might be 2 strikes, and hoping the next one will be a big home run that will get the excitement back to that core element of Battlestar Galactica. Much of the work is currently said to be behind green screen so a high focus on digital recreation or development of new elements in that manner does take time to focus on the details. Early photography ended in late Febuary, and it’s listed as under extensive-post production so this again gives the notion it’s under some solid development. And with mention of possibility of 3D release, conversion for that itself would take more time. One such conversion would be going from online series to handle it like was done with The Plan which featured more adult aspects of the show, if aired on TV may need to be a bit dumbed down to make it more TV friendly, if they released an unrated DVD version as well it would most likely fit under this category.

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  4. SKylar67 says

    I’d watch it online if the segments were more than 10 minutes each. I’d rather see it on Syfy though. Most of what’s on is drivel.

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  5. REM1701 says

    Question? Why hasn’t DS9 or Voy been picked up by Syfy. There are only soooo many times U can watch Ent or a Next-Gen marathon. PLEASE give em’ a rest! :-(

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  6. FrakU says

    I loved BSG. I even loved Caprica. Perhaps a bit more because I liked the acting and the deeper story telling and, unlike many so-called sci-fi fans, I have patients to wait for a story to unfold season by season.

    I would prefer BSG:B&C to be on tv so I can eventually get it on Blu-ray disc for my collection. I currently own everything from the BSG universe on DVD and HD and I want to continue this trend.

    However I already know that this is not possible. America hates watching actual sci-fi anymore and seem to choose “Sharktopus vs. Gatoroid” and all those rediculous werewolf, ghost, and vampire shows over the real thing. I dont know why they still call themeselves SyFy! What a joke.

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    • Page 48 says

      I liked “Caprica” as well. I guess there was 2 of us. Am also pissed at SyFy for pulling the plug on “Stargate: Universe” so soon.

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