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Bruce Jenner when made his appearance at Lakers vs. Mavericks game on Monday, many saw the scar on the left side of his face. The stepfather of Kardashian fueled Bruce Jenner plastic surgery speculations on twitter. Well this spread like a wildfire and many want to know if it’s real. Also, to back up the claims TM showed some reports of Bruce Jenner with several inch visible scars and stitches on the face.

These scars resemble to the patients treated with skin cancer. Bruce Jenner came to Los Angeles Staples Center to watch the game along with his wife Kris Jenner and son in law.  He received a great reception while returning to his home court. Many critics also claim at Bruce Jenner is having sex change therapy. But it is not proven. Bruce Jenner himself made it clear that he has only taken nose job surgery and partial facelift on a reality show.

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He laughingly says, “Nobody wants to get old”. People Magazine in 2009 posted that Jenner is getting conscious about his appearance and is trying to find specialists correct the mistakes done during the first surgery. Bruce Jenner was not satisfied with the first surgery that made him look too feminine creating a lot of rumors.  Media started comparing him to Michael Jackson and he didn’t like it a bit.


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So Bruce was ready for another facelift and it made news on the magazines and internet. Well fortunately, the second surgery went well and results are amazing. He must be happy with the way he is appearing now. Bruce Jenner is now living his 60s. He has changed the shape of his nose and nostrils. The nose looks thin and long. This must be the rhinoplasty treatment that he has taken from the second plastic surgery. The facelift procedure has left no wrinkles on his face.

Most plastic surgeries done the second time end up in a bad way. But fortunately, Bruce Jenner made the right decision to repair his face and make it better.

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