BREAKING BAD: Will 16 Episodes Be Enough To End Series? Flash-Forward Payoff Promise


We’re comfortably into the final 16 episodes of Breaking Bad — a number which series Creator Vince Gilligan has previously stated would be more than enough to wrap Walter White’s incredible journey. However, recently there have been suggestions that perhaps more episodes will be needed to fit in all of the remaining pieces.

It’s a question Collider floated to Gilligan at the Saturn Awards (in which Breaking Bad won Best Cable Series). Gilligan admitted that while he hasn’t had conversations about extending the series beyond the final eight episodes, he and his writers may have the difficult task of removing certain story elements, including some of the very best bits:

“We haven’t had [extension conversations], I feel like we’ve made promises [to the powers that be], [I’ve said that] 16 is enough, it probably is going to get pretty squeaky-tight towards the end. As [William] Faulkner used to say sometimes you have to kill your darlings and there may be moments along the way that we have to jettison because we have to fit them all into this 16 hours of television.”

In light of this, could the talk of a Breaking Bad movie grow into more than just talk? Gilligan says he wants to leave “it all on the field” but it will be interesting to see what happens.

Gilligan also commented on Walt’s flash-forward from the Season 5 premiere, promising that it will get paid off eventually:

“It may take a while. Be patient, all will be revealed, it might not be in [the first 8 episodes of the final season], but all will be revealed.”

Breaking Bad continues Sundays at 9/10c on AMC.

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  1. Aria Mohtadi says

    In Gilligan we trust! :)

    Breaking Bad episodes for me, have always felt like movies,
    but then again a Live action experience I guess would bring more to the table.

    Like: Thumb up 2

  2. Andrew says

    I sincerely hope they do not do a movie. To me that would be a betrayal of the integrity of the series. A tv show that gets to end on its own terms has a responsibility to tell a complete story as a tv show, not to extend it to a movie. The only two outcomes of them doing a movie would either be that they withold a great ending to save it for the movie, or a great ending gets ruined by a tacked on ending. Extend the episode order if need be, but leave the tv show as a tv show.

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