BREAKING BAD: Skyler Wouldn’t ..Would She?


Skyler White finally let it all out in Sunday’s episode of Breaking Bad (“Hazard Pay”). The tortured wife of Heisenberg hasn’t been herself since discovering that he was behind the murder of drug lord Gustavo Fring — an act that has left her reeling, now fully aware of true nature of a man she herself helped nurture.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Anna Gunn discussed what is described as Skyler’s ‘crawl space’ moment, where she lashed out at her sister Marie:

“Skyler has not been able to let this stuff out to anyone – only her divorce lawyer. It’s been building up in her so much that at this point she’s like a pot about to boil over. Marie just happened to push her buttons that day. And both because of the closeness of their relationship, and because of who Marie is and how she expresses herself by rattling on . . . on that particular day, there’s not one more thing Skyler can handle, not one more thing she can take, so she just blows her top.”

Skyler is emotionally, mentally, physically and financially cornered, so her options seem few at this point. But could she turn to violence as an escape route?:

“During the last couple of seasons it’s like, “Do I want to run away with the kids? Do I turn him into the police? What do I do?” It’s a constant wheel that turns in her head. When she realizes that he was responsible for Gus Fring’s death, that’s the bottom falling out of her life. When she walks out and she sees Junior watching Scarface and they’re quoting the movie together, in light of everything else that’s happened, it’s so quietly horrifying to her that all she can do is turn around and walk back to her room.

But, within that, there’s still really desperate wheels turning. I don’t think she cares about herself anymore – she’s just thinking, “How can I keep my kids safe?” She does not have the answer, but she’s definitely looking for it. And you know what? She’d do anything to ensure that. She is desperate enough to do anything.”

What do you think – is Skyler in danger from Walt, or could she bring the danger to Walt?

Breaking Bad continues Sunday at 10/9c on AMC.

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