BREAKING BAD Boss On The Big ‘Oh S—!’ End To Midseason Finale

Breaking Bad Walt

SPOILER WARNING: The following contains major plot spoilers for the midseason finale of Breaking Bad, “Gliding Over All”

The season (technically midseason) finale of Breaking Bad was certainly a break from what fans of the AMC serial have become accustomed. Sure, we all expected that SOMETHING pivotal to happen before the end credits, but unless you had EAGLE EYES at the top of the episode (and even if you did), it wasn’t abundantly clear where the total knockout was coming from.

According to series creator Vince Gilligan, the undramatic conversation leading up to the big moment was all part of the plan, as he explained to the LA Times:

“Skyler is talking about putting lemon juice in her hair and Walt is talking about brewing beer with Hank. We want the audience on the end of the seats saying, ‘What kind of ending is this? This is the worst kind of ending for a season of “Breaking Bad” we’ve ever seen! There should be things exploding, you can’t end it in such an undramatic way. Everything is hunky dory. That’s not this show. What the hell kind of ending is this?'”

Then, the pieces began to fall into place as Hank strolls into the john and happens on the clue that he’d previously missed: Walt Whitman’s “Leaves of Grass,” given to Walt by Gale a couple of seasons back.

Breaking Bad Hank Walt Whitman Clue

Of course, W.W. is Walt Whitman and the other famous W.W. — Walter White.

Says Gilligan of Hank’s penny-dropping moment:

“It’d be the most ironic and undramatic way of Hank catching Walter. It’s just happenstance and bad luck on Walt’s part. If only he hadn’t left that book lying around, he would have been OK. We love those kind of moments on this show.”

Earlier, the cast and storytellers provided video insights into the making of the midseason finale.

The final eight episodes of Breaking Bad are set to air 2013 on AMC, but we’ll be keeping a close on the show in the run up to, and of course during, the final chapter.

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    Sorry but I still don’t get the connection to the book – Hank – WW and Walt!! Someone help please.

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