BREAKING BAD Season 5 Tease: Heisenberg Rises — Promo & Sneak Peek


With just a little over a week away from the return of Breaking Bad to our screens, the promotion for the AMC serial continues to ramp up with the release of a new promo and an inside look at the fifth season.

The previous sneak peek provided a glimpse into the aftermath of Gus Fring’s demise with Walter White feigning surprise over the death of his nemesis while fishing for how much Walter Jr. knows. All good stuff, but there’s a lot more teased in the following promo and sneak peek, including new footage and the views of creator Vince Gilligan and the cast.

Gilligan sets the stage for the fifth season exploration:

“This year what you’re going to see is Walt winning. Gus Fring is dead, Walt is the new kingpin.”

He adds:

“What is a world like where Walt is not at death’s door at every turn but is in fact ascendant and triumphant? That’s what you’re going to see in Season 5.”

It certainly sounds like a different dynamic is in store. Without further ado, watch the new promo and sneak peek below:

Breaking Bad continues July 15 on AMC

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