BREAKING BAD Season 5 Interviews


With Breaking Bad exploding back onto our screens this Sunday, creator Vince Gilligan and the cast have been busy teasing what’s for store in the first 8 of the final 16 episodes.

Series creator Gilligan spoke to IGN about what awaits Walt and the members of his kingdom, comparing the collapse of Gus’ empire to a Wall Street firm gone under:

“Think about when a giant Wall Street firm collapses or when some big company goes into receivership; things get ugly. There’s a lot of loose ends and wreckage to be cleaned up. So going forward into Season 5, this maneuver Walt made to save his own life will bear consequences. It’ll bear some bitter fruit, and it will also lead to new characters coming into the story. It will lead to further complications. It will hopefully keep things very interesting.”

Gilligan also provided some insight into Skyler’s motivations for facilitating Walt’s journey down his destructive path:

“We’ll learn a little more about her understanding of herself as to why she can’t do that. It makes sense to call the cops, but on the other hand this is her husband, the father of her children. She’s worried about what it will do to her children. She’s worried about what it will do to her reputation and the town. She’s worried about a great many things. There’s also a point where the inertia takes over, the inertia of the moment. As terrible as this is, maybe the best thing to do is to do nothing.”

In an interview with A.V. Club, Aaron Paul addresses Jesse’s journey in the first half of the last chapter:

“I think this season, he’s always looking for someone to—I don’t know if he’s looking for a father figure or what, but he just wants Walt’s approval, really. And he would do anything for Mr. White, and I think that’s what’s driving him. He doesn’t need to be in this business anymore, and he’s terrified of it, but he wants Walt’s approval. This season especially, Walter White is such a puppeteer; he’s such a manipulator, and we’re just all on his little strings. He absolutely has Jesse in the palm of his hand.”

He also teases the interaction between Jesse, Walt and Mike:

“It’s definitely the trio—the Three Amigos—this year. It’s really exciting. In the years previous, it was really just Walt and Jesse a lot of the time, in terms of me working. And then last year, it was so much of Mike and Jesse, and now it’s nice to bring those worlds together. It’s a blast. And it gets really complicated. Mike and Walt, I don’t know if they are that fond of one another, but they’ve got to be in the same room a lot of the time, so it’s exciting to watch.”

Paul calls the finale, telling TV Guide:

“The finale of the first half of the season is mind-blowing. People will be screaming the entire time. They’ll be so mad that they won’t be able to see the next episode anytime soon.”

Elsewhere, Betsy Brandt teases a big moment in the latter half of the season, telling

“(The writers) choose to do another thing later on in the season that I would never in a million have bet you would see on that show. It’s just … it’s a really, really interesting ride,” Brandt told us. (Emphasis on the word “ride.”) “(It involves) probably who you might think would be involved in any part of craziness on this show.”

Season 5 premieres July 15



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