BREAKING BAD: Laura Fraser On ‘Hot Water’ Lydia


Spoilers for Breaking Bad 5.02 “Madrigal” follow

The casting description for Laura Fraser’s new Breaking Bad character “Lydia” told us she was “nervous about her place in the world.” Upon her introduction in last night’s “Madrigal”, it’s safe to say that description was right on point.

While Fraser had never watched the show before becoming a part of it, her portrayal of Gus’ business associate has certainly added an interesting dynamic to the mix. Not only did she put a hit out on Mike (and his own personal army) to cover her own ‘loose ends’, but she possibly holds the key to Walt rebuilding his meth empire.

Fraser spoke to THR about Lydia’s motivations, saying:

“Lydia is an extremely highly strung, calculating, enterprising lady.  Throughout her life, she’s learned to survive at all costs.  She’s figured out tactics and skills along the way.”

Those tactics almost led to her demise after she tried — and failed — to have Mike killed. Like Lydia, Fraser fears for her survival on the show, such is the intensity. But she finds the challenge of playing the highly strung character exciting:

“It’s exciting to work on. I’ve never played a character like Lydia; we first meet her and she’s already unraveled.  Season five sees her attempt to claw her way back through this nervous energy and adrenalin. She’s desperately trying to redeem control of her situation.”

As for whether the father of her daughter is part of a deeper mystery, Fraser is unsure but doesn’t rule it out:

“I want to know that too! When I went to get my costumes, I said, “Is there a wedding ring?” and there was no wedding ring. I certainly don’t know of one yet. But I definitely don’t have a wedding ring; that was my only clue.”

Catch a sneak peek of the next episode and find out what the cast and crew had to say about “Madrigal” here.

Breaking Bad airs Sunday’s at 10/9 on AMC

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  1. Aria Mohtadi says

    She’s definitely more trouble for Walt! 😀

    What if Gus if the father? We never got to see his family.

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